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Force Rounds


Livestreaming now, and remember, it'll be a double stream since I messed up and saved over the last page ><

EDIT: Stopping stream for now–something seems to be up with either livestream’s servers or my internet because for whatever reason, it’s not working properly (it’s sporadically playing on the viewer and I can’t see the chat at all), so I =may= try to do it again later tonight, if not, maybe tomorrow?


Labor Day

Gah, two family gatherings over the weekend. Thought I had budgeted my time properly, and of course, I had not. So yeah, will stream the coloring of the page in the afternoon when I get up, and will probably go all day since in my tiredness I accidentally saved over the non-web version of Friday’s page (and thus, I will probably be re-coloring that page also because I am dumb and we got book 4 coming out at some point next year =\ ).

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