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Oh it is ON


Woke up with pain in the right side of my jaw that got progressively worse as the day went on. Hoping it's just a weird, âI-slept-on-my-face-funny" pain, but still, too painful to concentrate on finishing off the coloring, hence throwing in the towel at 10 pm.

So yeah, if it is/was the aforementioned âslept-on-face-funny" pain, then full colors will be up in the afternoon. If not, colors will come after I visit doctor and get me some happy pills.

UPDATE: Spent a looong time resting + in bed, jaw = still a lil’ stiff (and it’ll randomly pop if I yawn), but no longer is there the blinding pain that there was yesterday. So huzzah!


DnD livestream

Hey guys! We're livestreaming one of the final sessions of Brion's DnD game! The game will probably go on until super late in the evening, so even if you're reading this later, still pop in because unless there's a notice saying it's over, it ain't over. Also, it should be said that Brion's game is a very, very homebrew'd game that barely resembles DnD anymore, so keep that in mind when you're hearing about some of the crazy shit we're doing.

EDIT: Stream over!

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