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RPG news

Hey guys! This weekend,The Witcher 2 is on sale for $30, so for those who perhaps want more grit and gristle out of their RPGS, definitely worth a look. (Though I hear that the controls are kinda to get into)

Out of Gamescom, we have 16 versions of who you might be in Skyrim. Right now I’m digging the catpeople. I also can’t help but agree with the commenter who stated, “Why do reptile women need breasts?” I like my sword and sorcery games with fantastical races to be biolically accurate dammit! Which is why the lady cat-people should have like, 6 breasts! Go big or go home, Bethesda, just sayin’.

Also, this deliciously creepy/crazy/awkward interview about Kingdom’s of Amalur, made by a dream team(hrrr) of people who reaaaaally know the fantasy genre.

New CG trailer for The Secret World, and a release date of April 2012!

Finally, shiny new Devil May Cry combat–it is very shiny.


More Femshep voting

So for all those pissed off about blonde Shepard, Bioware announced today round 2 of Femshep voting. Personally, I never really cared–blonde, brunette whatever, my Shep looks like an angry, gothic Austrian woman and is really creepy-looking when she “attempts” to smile. And the complaints over generic-ness? Bro-sheps default is the definition of generic, boring space-marine guy, yet no one really cares because you can make your own damn Shepard. Though secretly, I do hope that red-headed Shep 4 wins–I do have me a thing for redheads ;x

Ironically, my favorite Shepard in the first round of voting was also Shep 4. Loved her face, the hair, and the fact that she looked like she could kill me with a wink. Ah well.


Cool things worth checking out (and one thing that’s not)

So cool stuff–

An awesome tutorial on various types of digital shading techniques, as well as advice on lighting and some nice color theory bits. Definitely worth checking out, if only for inspiration’s sake, as this person does a really cool job of exploring many different ways to color the same image.

The bad thing being that the World War Z movie has changed plots. It has gone from being a disturbingly realistic (and downright terrifying) look at what would happen to our world before, during and after the breakout of a global pandemic to….something that’s very much exactly like every other “race against time!” movie. Which, while it doesn’t surprise me, it makes me really sad because this book was genuinely terrifying without the zombies, as the true horror was the disease and how unprepared everyone was to deal with it. Really, really wonderful book, and I honestly can’t recommend it more, as again, the zombies are not what makes this book amazing (though they do help!).

If you =do= want to see a cool zombie movie about how the war’s started from multiple perspectives and stuff, check out Romero’s Diary of the Dead–while at times, the message is kinda overbearing, it’s a really awesome zombie flick that combines regular film, handheld cameras, and even youtube clips to create this crazy documentary-style film about the zombie plague.

Finally, after putting it off for a great while, I’ve gotten myself addicted to Persona 4. For those not familiar with the fantastic Persona series by Atlus, they’re basically RPGs that take place in real life with the protagonists being regular high school students. While the first two are rather hardcore in their gameplay, Persona 3 introduced this cool mechanic where only half of your time is spent in the dungeon–the other half is spent going to school, making friends, and doing stuff that regular high school students do. The benefits that you gain in the real world then transfer to the dungeon, allowing you to create stronger personas to fight (imagine personas as more adult Pokemon, if you will, that are like facets of your soul/personality).

While I really dug Persona 3 (especially Mitsuru), there were bits of it that I didn’t really like. Firstly, it was really grindy, and the fact that all the floors in Tartarus looked exactly the same except for some palette swaps here and there didn’t help. As the game went on, I kinda dreaded going to Tartarus because the school zones were so much more interesting–all the characters were pretty interesting, if a lil’ bit on the anime-stereotype side, and it was really cool getting to know them.

Persona 4 still has the half school/half dungeon thing, but instead of one big dungeon, you get a bunch of smaller dungeons. These dungeons are meant to be reflections of the person trapped in there, so as a result they are all vastly different, and the higher you go the more you learn about the person, which is pretty awesome. The boss fights are more meaningful, too, because you’re seeing that person’s hidden self, and while it’s not =quite= as cool as the school sections, it’s still pretty awesome. Furthermore, the characters are less anime cliches–granted, they kind of start that way–you have your tomboy, the clumsy idiot, the tradional femine Japanese girl, the tough gang-guy, etc–but after their dungeons they totally shift into being really cool and interesting characters.

The game also makes you able to take direct control over your party members now so they’re not doing something stupid like healing at the wrong times or casting buffs when they’re supposed to be healing or just wasting all their magic in general. One thing that does kind of annoy me though is that because they got rid of the mechanic of “tiredness", your characters no longer heal when they return to the first floor of the dungeon, so it requires =very= stringent SP management, as SP restoring items are very few and far in between. Also kind of annoying when you can’t say certain things because you don’t have enough courage or whatever, but I guess they put those in there for replay value.

But yes, it all makes me more excited for when we get Catherine. Tooootally can’t wait.

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