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Tali'Zorah--Beneath the Helmet

So a funny thing happened….

I was sitting on the couch Monday morning, having my coffee before getting to work when I got this funny phone call:

Dave: Hey Jen, it’s Dave, whatcha doin’?
Me: Not much, just havin’ my coffee, reading my book.
Dave: Awesome, awesome. Say, you know what’s more awesome? Picking me up from the airport. Like, right now.
Me: Ha ha ha, very funny. See you Wednesday.
Dave: Nope, I’m here. Now. Really. It’s happening.
Me: …….

So while I did manage to very slowly finish inking, when Dave’s around, it’s…difficult to concentrate on work. So yeah, terrible excuse and I feel really shitty, but I didn’t plan any of it! It was the perfect storm of lack of internet + lack of gun reference without said internet + crazy man falling out of the sky onto our doorstep unexpectedly.

NOW, today’s comic is from Mass Effect, specifically Mass Effect 2 where the adorably fragile Tali became a romance option for bro Shep. There’s been loooads of speculation on what she looks like under the helmet (hell, just do a search on deviantART and you can find a ton of interpretations), and this is my submission into that pool. And this comic basically comes down to one of those ideas that got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave until it exploded into a comic. So yeah, sorry world. I’m so, so sorry XD

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