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Otakon 2011 Report!

Letsa Livestream it up

Livestream. It's happenin'. Check it out, keep me company whilst I work, etc.

EDIT: Stream over! ^^



Holy cow, Otakon is OVER. And with that, our crazy summer con schedule is done, and I can go back to normalcy (and you guys can go back to comics! <3).

But yes, the rain was indeed super epic, as evidenced by this photo:

Epic rain follows us home. on Twitpic

Thankfully though, our lovely booth babe for the weekend, Heather, managed to drive us safely through both times (we honestly thought Ohio was trying to kill us as this storm was in almost the exact same spot going there and coming back). But lordy was it scary for a while"especially when the hail came down x.x

Saturday I had a mad-stupid-ridiculous migraine (at first we were thinking flu), as every horrible symptom you could've had, I had. Lights were blinding and made me want to throw up, people moving made me want to throw up, looking at the ground where the lights were reflected and moving around made me really want to throw up, and any sort of leaning over motion made me really nauseous as well. I had the cold sweats, and my vision started to look like the âroofy-vision" that you see on TV/movies when the camera gets all fuzzy and everything starts to spin around when that character's drugged up. It was really weird. But I did my best to make sure that nobody touched me (as again, we thought it was the flu), and even though I (thankfully) didn't throw up, we did keep a box near the table juuuust in case. Also, took a nap under the table (as it was the only place that was dark), and that made me feel a looot better.

The restaurant in question is Dick's Last Resort, and like Ed Debevic's in Chicago, the gimmick is that the waiters are really rude and insult you (but it's funny). They also do this thing where they make these giant hats out of paper and write weird things on them"sadly, I couldn't remember =all= of them (I think I missed 1-2?), but our waiter was pretty hilarious and Dave got a lil' tipsy (sadly, not drunk), so good times were had by all.

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