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SDCC 2k11 Report!

Comic Con pics!

It also looks like Veronica posted the pictures she took of Comic Con over at the Mystic Rev Facebook Page, so be sure to check it out! She’s got some really cool stuff in that album, definitely awesome for those who weren’t able to attend! ^^


SDCC 2k11

Oh boy oh boy, I was so unprepared for how busy we were at SD this year. Jesus. Thank you all SO much, and welcome to all of you who're new to the site. Pardon the dust, conventions make for a difficult update schedule.

But yes! This year at Comic Con I got to do stuff! Specifically, I got to play the demo for Mass Effect 3, and the starter area demo for TOR (as well as a lil' bit of the demo for the DA 2: Legacy DLC). For ME 3, I'm not sure how much I can say since someone said we =might= have signed NDAs (I thought it was just an agreement that we wouldn't take pictures/video of anything, but I could be wrong), so I don't really wanna blab about it anymore than I already have (my bad guys x.x ). But overall was really impressed, and like they've said, RPG elements seem to be back and more customizable than ME 1. But the downside was that the demo was all on 360 consoles, and since I play my Bioware games on PC and don't even own an xbox, I had no idea what I was doing until the demo was half over. Thankfully, I played Adept, so I just spammed all my powers over and over again. And while it's true that I didn't figure out that the trigger was the âshoot" button until the demo was almost over, what annoyed me more was aiming with the analog stick. Gimme my mouse ;_;

Moving on, the CEO of Hasbro really dug the My Little Ponyta shirt! This was SO super awesome, as 1. they didn't ask me to take it down and 2. ITS THE CEO OF HASBRO! And he was really cool too, as I totally gushed about how awesome the new show is and how I totally adore Pinky Pie and he chatted back about how excited they were that so many people my age were into it as they really took pains to make sure they weren't just milking an old property and all that. So yay!!

Also, poor Shawn got sick, so he rented TRON from the Pay-per-view thing, and right in the middle of the movie when they attempt to explain what's happening, we all came in talking really loud and asking him stupid questions about the movie just to see that lil' vein in his forehead grow bigger and bigger. Because we're friends.

Finally, Veronica did come to Comic Con with a backpack and a small suitcase nearly full with books, DVDs and other stuff she wanted to get signed by the people she follows. She then went on to buy more books and get random swag (as swag is naturally a part of SDCC), which led to the problem of where it was all going to go (as all of our suitcases were dedicated to merch). Surprisingly, she managed to Tetris everything into her bag to the point where I thought both were going to split their seams and explode in a shower of Warehouse 13 sparkles, but she managed to make it work. And she was so proud of herself until I, half-teasingly, pointed out she forgot her rice krispy treat. Which led to another very funny and entertaining struggle to get the backpack re-opened, and then shut again. But she made it work! So props to that! XD

I also got interviewed by a funny documentary team that used one of the penguin plushies as a grip (he held a light XD), and got to try more food truck food (which was really delish, especially the lobster grilled cheese we got, mmmmm"). I also chatted with a guy at Capcom and grilled them about the new games they have coming out (Asura's Wrath seems pretty awesomely ridiculous), and hung out with a bunch of cool webcomic people.

But most of all we were so busy at the booth, so it made me a lil' sad that we didn't really get to talk to people as much as we have in years past. But hopefully everyone who stopped by the table had a good time, because I know I did! And I always like meeting everyone! ^^

Next stop: Otakon!

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