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Anime Expo 2011 Report!


Livestreaming today's colors. Check it out! ^^

Livestream over! Thanks all! ^^

EDIT 2: Livestream regular Kathy posted one of the doodles (Air Dolphins sharing a giant beard while dishing out Aquatic Justice) on the MR facebook page, so check it out! ^^


Flats now, full colors later

Will probably livestream final colors when I get up (11 am cst?), cuz yeah, 3 am, I need to sleep now.


Anime Expo 2011

Alrighty! So firstly, holy hell was AX busy. Like, last year it was pretty crowded, but this year was insane. So many MR fans came back (something that of course always makes me super happy, as I love meeting/re-meeting you guys!!), and so many new MR fans were acquired! I totally underestimated how many books I needed, and ended up selling out of the first book on the second day, and ended up leaving with like, 4 other books total (mad props to those new to the series who grabbed books 2 + 3 despite not having book 1!). We also got to be neighbors to the VG Cats, which is always awesome as they’re always awesome to table with (even if Karian spent the weekend telling me horror stories about being pregnant x.x ).

After missing out on the LA Food Trucks last year, I was super determined to try ‘em all out this year (Chicago has so many health code ordinances in place that it basically makes it all but impossible for food trucks and most street food in general to exist =\ ). Luckily, they were all right outside the convention center, so I didn’t have to go very far. The ones we got to try were:

The Me So Hungry truck–fricken’ =epic= burgers. Brion had the KTM sliders and I had the Duke burger and both were up there for best bugers we’ve ever had. Seriously, this truck was goooooood

India Jones Chow Truck was pretty decent Indian food. We did the frankie+curry combo, and while the curry was “pretty good", the frankies were =awesome=, so if you try this truck, definitely stock up on those frankies.

The last truck tried was the Pokey Truck, which was basically like, Hawaiian sushi burritos. I had the E-Pokey and Brion had the Hawaiian Pokey. Brion kinda hated his, and while I liked mine, I ended up getting kinda sick later. Not sure if it was the food specifically or just that like, maybe because it’s sushi it had to be eaten super fast and wasn’t meant to be carried to the con center in hot sunlight, but I don’t think I’d recommend this place.

In regards to panel 2, the toilet in our room broke so at around midnight I had to run downstairs to use the bathroom in the lobby. Since I was coming right back up, I went down in my “Bronies Before Honies” tee, my yummy sushi pajama pants, and flip flops and found all these ladies in floor-legnth evening gowns all dolled up in the bathroom. And these were like, red carpet style gowns, so it was the perfect “One of these things is not like the others” moment. Apparently there was some sort of wedding happening in the hotel.

We got to eat out at a real Japanese Ramen shop in Little Tokyo, and they had this “super spicy” ramen bowl that you could get. Being one who adores all things spicy, I had to get it, and when I did it was like this blood red mess with all these jalapenos floating in it. But lordy was it DELICIOUS. Not very spicy though, but tasty! And everyone thought I was insane, which is always fun. They had a contest too where if you could eat that whole bowl in a half hour they’d put you on their wall of fame and give you a free shirt. Unfortunately though I tend to have a small appetite and I don’t eat very fast, so I didn’t come near finishing (these bowls were huuuuge). But if it was a “eat at your own pace” contest, I totally would’ve won!

And Shawn was nice enough to buy us all dinner on the last day (at a reaaaaally good Italian place called “Louie’s” or something like that–the deserts were AMAZING), and we were joking about how I had to be nice to him since he bought us dinner. BUT, since that time has passed, SCREW YOU SHAWN HANDYSIDE AND YOUR GENEROSITY AND STUFF! Just kidding–love you, Shawn (not really ;x ).

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