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Anime Expo

Oh my, 3 spelling errors on one page. Thanks to all for pointing them out!

So, this coming weekend we’ll be at Anime Expo in the dealer’s room. We’ll probably be in the same area as the other Shark Robot people, so make sure you come visit all of us! We’ll have the new My Little Ponyta shirt, as well as the con exclusive Creeper shirt, and hopefully (keep your fingers really crossed), the new Mr. Pheffer plushies. Hopefully (because apparently I’m cursed when it comes to having things arrive on time–they really should’ve been here about a month and a half ago -_- ).

Also, I’m going to be pulling down the Harley print at the end of July, so if you want ‘em, now’s your chance. Unfortunately, because I forgot to order some, I won’t have any for AX, and I don’t have the room to have them at Comic Con, but I should have the last of them at Otakon.


Colors later

Scripting took a while for this page–I really love Ninja/Toasty interactions, so I make sure to do my best when they pop up in the script. So yeah, colors’ll come later. Also, I have to say that sadly, the “Devil’s Darkroom” line is not original, it was said by the main man of mystery, Gary Busey (seriously, check out that page and google a few more things he’s said–eye opening).


Livestreaming DnD

We're livestreaming our DnD game right now! Click that link to check it out!

EDIT: Stream over (Well, over for a while)–thanks to those who stuck by us through the tech problems. For some reason procaster’s being a real dick on the laptop, so hopefully I can fiddle around with some stuff later and get it to actually not disconnect ever 30 minutes (or every 5 minutes if a browser’s open =\\ ). In any event though, for those that missed it, the whole session should be recorded, so definitely check it out. We all had a good time, there was some sweet shit, and weird rituals preformed. It was pretty awesome.


Thank you

….I said that once to a guy who said he loved me. He did not take it well. But in my defense, it was a high school romance and we had only been dating for two weeks. But still, what else can you say?

However, just because those were my feelings in the situation, doesn’t mean they’re Lourdes’…..as that will be explored later ;x

Firstly, provided everything goes according to plan and everyone shows up, we will be livestreaming our new DnD game! It’s a 4th ed campaign with our friend Sara as the DM, and you can read about her world over here. I’m going to try to keep the Obsidian Portal page as updated as I can so that way if ya’ll miss a session or leave early, then at least you can read up on what you missed. Also, since it’s mostly an unmodified 4th ed campaign (at least compared to Brion’s game), it should be easier for viewers who’re a lil’ familiar with DnD to figure out what our builds are and what we’re all doing. We’ll probably be posting it to the brionsdndgame livestream channel, until I get around to making a channel for Sara. So yeah, hopefully it’ll start at around noon-1pm CST and go late into the night =D

This article was kind of interesting as it discusses this poor guy’s run in with unknowing copyright infringement. For those artists out there who reference photos that you yourself have not taken or pay “tribute” to other works, make sure you read it as it’s a super fine line between comment/criticism, parody, and outright infringement. But it blows for that guy–aside from the many thousands of dollars he has to pay in damages, that pixel art cover was really cool =\

On a much lighter note, check out these badass Japanese covers for the Song of Ice and Fire series. The US covers in comparison are….fine….. But let’s face it, for the most part, the Japanese rock at making awesome covers for everything (in particular, look at the comparison of the Fatal Frame boxart–yeesh).

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