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Bet you didn't see that coming

No DnD Livestream

Hey guys, unfortunately our DM’s run into some trouble (don’t worry, she’s all right and there’s nothing that can’t be fixed), but it looks like our game’s probably cancelled for today. Sorry to those looking forward to the stream =(


Free RPG day

Hey guys! Just as an FYI, tomorrow is Free RPG day. Now, before you get your hopes up, it's basically tabletop RPGs, and mostly supplemental materials at that. But still! Free stuff! And there's like, piles of publishers that're offering free stuff! If this sounds like something you're interested in, be sure to check out the official website for a list of retailers near you, and to see the swag list.


One of these days"¶.

"¶.Lourdes is actually going to be the initiator of a kiss. Maybe.

Initially I was going to do a coy/cute thing of hiding Ninja's face again, but the problem is that without showing the lip/lip contact, it kinda kept looking like he was smothering/choking her or something. It really creeped me out, so yeah, NINJA FACE ATTACK!

Also, now that I'm no longer horribly injured, sick, or at a convention, I'm going to go back to posting blog updates (yay!) on days when the comic doesn't update, just to give those wonderful people who =do= check the site everyday something cool to look at.

Also, on Saturday we'll be livestreaming Dungeons and Dragons"but not Brion's Dnd game, this is a straight up 4th ed campaign DM'd by our friend Sara. Since it's a regular 4th ed campaign, hopefully it'll be easier for people to understand what's happening since the stuff we're using is based on actual stuff published by WotC, instead of the weird ideas that come out of Brion's mind grapes. We're also going to make an effort to keep up with Obsidian Portal, so that way you guys who may miss a session or two but desperately need to keep up with all that's happening or like to nerd out on the builds of our characters can view the page here. It's a little confusing since Sara's running two separate groups"ours (which is juuuust starting) and another one which is quite a ways ahead of us"but hopefully as we get into stuff we'll keep the √Ę‚¨Ňadventure log" section updated with all that happened. Also, ya'll can check out my PC over yonder, but I warn you, tis very lame role-playing stuff all over there. Also backstory's kinda half-finished, so if it seems like there's a lot of stuff written like someone writing notes"¶.that's cuz it is. But yeah, basically I wanted to kind of make a Mass Effect-style Vanguard, because I thought that would be awesome in DnD world. Brion, meanwhile, merely points out how it's another way to measure how lame I am XD

I haven't decided if we're going to keep using the √Ę‚¨ňbrionsdndgame' channel or just make a new one for sara (in which case it'd probably be 'sarasdndgame'), but we'll probably go live around 1 pmish CST, maybe a lil' earlier/later depending on when people actually show up. So yeah, make sure to check here, facebook, deviantART, or twitter for updates on when/where it's live on saturday. We'll be going laaaate into the night, so if you miss some of it, no worries, the others in the chatroom will happily catch you up =)

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