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A-kon 2011


Oh boy, what can be said about A-kon? Even though it was a 16ish hour drive and we kinda got in at 4am last night, I had a suuuper great time. The Envy Candy Fairy was one of the coolest guys ever, giving us lollypops and pixie sticks in addition to the aforementioned sour patch kids (my fave candy).

Trunks kinda guilted me into doing the 18+ Iron Artist competition, and even though it was suuper late and I was suuuuper tired, I had a ton of fun. The nice thing about the above comic’s censor bars is that it actually makes what I actually drew sound a lot less awful than what it ended up becoming. Though I really did have a random drawing in the corner of Peach with a pile of pancakes–she’s such a sweetheart.

Shawn is a jerk who spent the weekend throwing random crap at me. But sadly, because I throw like a 4 year old girl, maybe one in 15 things I threw back at him would actually hit him, and usually they would only hit him in the leg or something lame like that. It was really, really sad.

Finally, on the drive home we were super excited to find a Krispy Kreme store somewhere in Missouri (most of them have closed around here in Illinois unfortunately) at around midnight. We started to walk over to the store, when we heard all these sounds of movement from the trees. It was literally like something out of a horror movie as we slowly approached the tree (it was in the way of getting to the Krispy Kreme) and started hearing all these bird-like noises. Then, as we were about 12 feet away, the tree erupted in a flurry of movement as around 60-or so bird-like things burst from the tree to fly to the next nearby tree. And we literally had the horror movie moment of me going “…are those birds?” and brion replying, “Those aren’t birds….they’re bats“. Added to that, every 2 feet or so these giant bugs (I think they were cicadas?) were scattered all over the ground, so we spent the whole brief time there joking about how this town was suffering from biblical plagues leftover from the Rapture.

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