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Guest Strip: Busted Wrist

Con Crud

After taking care of Brion yesterday, I have caught his con crud so I decided to take the rest of the night off since it’s so late and head to bed before it gets worse (don’t worry all, mostly a super sore throat and some general stuffiness, so nothin’ some soup + bedrest can’t cure).

But yes, if throat feels better in the morning I’ll stream the coloring when I wake up. If not, look for finished page in the afternoon. Sorry all ;_;


No con comic

Sorry guys, but since Fanime was a convention that lasted until Monday, and since various delays in the air and actually getting back to our apartment made it so that we actually didn’t arrived back in our apartment until nearly 2 am, since it’s now Wednesday I figured my time would probably be better spent recovering from said con + travel and getting out Friday’s page as quickly as possible so we can get back to some sort of state of normalcy (or at least regular updates, as let’s face it–normalcy ain’t my thang). However, I willl type up a full recount of our adventures later, but not now, still wanna detox a lil.

Thanks to all the well wishers regarding my wrist–I think I just must’ve dinged the bone on something because around Friday/Saturday it started feeling better. I kept the brace on for Monday when we were lifting thing again, but overall it looks like I’m better. Combination of icing + Ibuprofen works! ^^


Thanks Steve!!

Super huge thanks to Steve of Dueling Analogs for providing this lovely guest strip while Cripply McCripple (me) recovers from whatever the ef happened to my poor wrist. For the record though, no console/PC games in general for me, can’t seem to hold the controller without wincing. But I’ve caught up on my reading! That’s almost as fun….maybe….not =(

By the way though, I will be at Fanime con this weekend somewhere near the back of the artist’s alley, so be sure to swing by and make fun of my goofy wrist brace thingie. Will have all the usual ish, and some unusual ish, but alas, I appear to have left my hat in Chicago (you always forget SOMETHING… =( ).

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