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Acen 2011


Gah, so sorry for delay, but I literally got a total of maybe 5 hours of sleep for the whole convention. So yes, needed to catch up on sleep quite a bit.

But yes! Rapture was a bust thanks to the kindness of MR fans! And that cheesecake was DELICIOUS (super thanks to Griffen!! ). Also looongtime MR fans Chris and his lovely lady Valerie got engaged, so super huge props to them and many well wishes.

My wrist =is= really swollen for some reason, so that’s kinda why the comic goes all fdslfdslalaei towards the end there, but I’m hoping if I take it easy and ice it and stuff it’ll be ok. While it doesn’t look like a golf ball as depicted in the comic, it does look kinda red and angry =(

Fanime Con is happening this weekend, and I’ll be in the artist’s alley sandwhiched between this guy and this guy. So come by, say hi, and bring delicious baked goods! XD

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