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The circle

Anime Central

Hope ya'll like that circle. I think it came out preeeetty bitchin'. And for those of you who don't know, Kali's schtick is that she sticks out her tongue at people, and it's really creepy/disturbing (so no, this comic is not becoming a tentacle-rape hentai). The triangles in the lotus at the center of the circle is also a part of her symbol in tantra (albeit embellished a lil' bit to look cool). You'll see her in all her epic glory on the next page, because sadly this page does not really do her justice.

Moving on, as you are reading this, I am at Anime Central this weekend in the Artist's Alley, so schwing by table 146 (or thereabouts), but you should be able to easily find the table since it's very, very purple (With big purple towers and everything). For whatever reason though, I'm listed in the programming guide as my name, Jen Brazas, so just in case you don't see Mystic Rev there, look for JEN. Oh baby.

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