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Free copies of Amnesia today

Hey guys! So Megaman of the The Forums linked me to this sweet dealio OnLive’s doing, where if you’re a member (or just sign up for a free account) and enter the promo code “THANKYOU” you get a copy of the super creepy game Amnesia for free. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the creepier horror games released in the last few years, and it’s actually scary. So definitely check it out, as the price is most definitely right =D


Anime Central+ A New Shirt Approaches

Firstly, the My Little Ponyta shirt is now available for pre-order on Shark Robot! I’m super psyched with how it came out, and it’s so wonderfully cute you can’t help but wanna hug it!

Anime Central is this weekend and Fanime Con is the weekend after that. For both conventions I will be in the Artist’s Alley, so make sure to swing by and see me!

Unfortunately, I it’s not looking like the plushies will be here in time for Acen, but there’s a possibility that they’ll be there for Fanime. In any event, both shows I’ll have the new My Lil’ Ponyta tee, as well as the popular Creeper shirt. So yeah, swing by say hi, and grab some swag =D

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