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A Berserker's Blade

Full colors later

Gah, sorry guys, this one took a long time to draw. So many weird poses/angles I’m not used to drawing, but I think overall it came out pretty well. There’s still some wonky bits I’m not happy with, but alas, you get to a certain point where you have to make peace with your mistakes in order to insure that there’s a page put up (or at least a mostly done page).


No comic today

Hey guys, sorry, no comic for today. I had the bulk of my finals due this week (which is lame because we still have another week of classes), and after writing a 20 page paper over the course of 12 hours on wednesday night and thursday morning, I was just too burnt out to do anything. So yesterday was a lovely mental health day =)

Comic will return monday though!


Anatomy for Artists

Hey guys! For those of you out there who’re interested in drawing/want to be professional artists someday but are struggling with anatomy, my old anatomy professor has started a blog on examining anatomy for art. She’s a professional medical illustrator by trade, which means that she was dissecting cadavers along with the med students, so she really knows her stuff (her work’s been featured in quite a few medical textbooks). The really helpful thing about her blog is that in addition to showing you what the muscles are and where they go, she has photos that show you which muscles/tendons stick out when you’re drawing someone. She’s started the blog with examining forearms, and it’s really cool to see all the crazy stuff going on in your arms. And she includes really random facts for those who aren’t artists (like the palmaris longus tendon is missing in 10-15% of people x.x ) She’s also super nice, so I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any/all questions in the comments section =)

Along that note, I figured that I’d also add in some places I go to find reference for poses/lighting. These are all either stock photo places or public domain, so feel free to ref them!

MJRanum stock on DeviantART –This guy has AMAZING work, but it should be noted that he tags all of his content as “mature” (regardless if it is) as a protest against censorship, so if you don’t have a DA account his work might not show up for you. But he has nudes, costume studies and action poses, and they’re all professional models and professionally shot.

Senshi-Stock –These ladies started by doing stock of Sailor Moon poses, but now they have a library of a ridiculous amount of battle poses, everyday stuff, and just cute, pin-uppy stuff in general. They do all their stuff in like, swimsuity things, so it’s great for studying the body, not so much for clothing refs.

A great tutorial on wings and how they fold

A tutorial on color theory–SUPER helpful, especially the studies of color harmony found in plants/nature.

A really great video of Shilin painting metalics. Shilin’s work is sooooo breathtaking, it’s awesome to see how she does it, and the amount of detail she puts into it all (though said amount of detail may cause you to vomit uncontrollably and cry about how worthless you are as an artist….or maybe that’s just me XD )

I used to have a whole pile of other sites I used, but I never backed up my old bookmarks so they were lost when I had to reformat my computer. But hopefully these links will help those of you interested/into art out a bit! =D

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