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First off, sorry about the image not showing up earlier–apparently when I was naming the file an apostrophe slipped into the title which screwed up the viewing of the image on everything but Firefox. Weird huh?

Anime Central is coming up super fast and I’ll be there in the artist’s alley sellin’ mah stuffs. Hoping to have a new shirt by then, and hoping to have the plushies, but can’t make any guarantees =X

As for other interesting things found on the internets, here’s a funny photo+article on the set of The Avengers movie . That Joss Whedon’s one crazy guy.

Diablo 3 is “almost done”, but I highly doubt it’ll be ready by the end of the year. And with so many other epic RPGs and MMORPGs coming out this year, would you really want it to? It’s pretty crowded already….with AWESOME!

Today is also the very last day to pledge money for Japan Needs Heroes, the comic project to raise money for the victims of Japan. I don’t know how he did it, but Ben even managed to con(vince?) Stan Lee himself to write a forward to the book, which is super exciting. So yeah, they’ve already raised over $17,000, but every lil’ bit helps! All the profits go to the Japan Society which gives 100% of the money raised to those that need it. So yeah, super good cause, and it’s going to be a super sweet book.

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