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Anime Boston 2011 Report!

Anime Boston 2011!

Holy hell, this con was busy. I think I got to do a semi-full lap of the dealer’s room once, and never did I get a chance to run up and visit the artist’s alley. But dang, you guys really came out in force! It was super cool meeting a couple of guys who had been reading the comic forever–one guy in particular had stuck with Mystic Rev since the switch from the Comic Genesis site!

But yes, in regards to the comic itself–It was initially planned that we were going to drive straight to Boston on Thursday like we do for Otakon or Connecticon. For some reason we had assumed that, like Baltimore, Boston was going to be a 12 hour drive, or, at most a 14 hour drive (Geography is not our strong suit). So literally while I’m scanning in the comic for Friday, being super proud of how I’m going to be able to update whilst away, Brion informs me that its sixteen hours to Boston, and that we would be leaving within the next couple hours….we also hadn’t packed anything yet…. x.x

As for panel 2, Veronica was super energetic and awesome about helping out behind the table, but she got it into her head that she had to have this Full Metal Alchemist fleece blanket, despite not having the funds for it, and kept inventing elaborate schemes to launder money through various accounts, credit cards, etc in order to pay for the blanket and pay the money she owed for various other things. As the weekend went on, the schemes got more and more elaborate, and she even attempted to try to convince other people–random strangers even–that her cause was just, but alas, they all agreed with me. Don’t spend money you don’t have, Veronica!! *shakes fist*

A really sweet girl made super cute plushies of Lourdes and Maytag for brion and me–unfortunately, everything’s still kinda packed up, but Veronica said that she was going to post the photos she took of them to the facebook page, so hopefully they’ll show up there later today *wink wink, nudge nudge*. Once we get everything upstairs and unloaded, hopefully I’ll have time to post photos myself, as they are really cute =)

Finally, we went to an Applebees-like restaurant called “99″, and they had an Easter specials menu. Shawn ordered the “Easter Martini” which I think had vanilla vodka, something coconutty, and something blue because it was light blue with whip cream on it…..and it was awful. He passed it around the table and everyone had something completely different to say about it, though most of us agreed it tasted like a combination of chlorine and suntan lotion. Oddly enough, Brion found it really enjoyable x.x

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