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We must seek to understand her

They really are making MMOs out of everything these days, it seems. My favorite part was that in the email, it said one of the drawing features was “True 3D graphics"–what the hell does that mean? Will Adama literally come out of my computer to debrief me on the latest mission? I will accept nothing less than “True 3D graphics"!

Tokyopop is finally dead, also, so by this point most of the OEL manga creators are rejoicing because they can finally buy back the rights to their works that TP ripped away from them. Sound harsh? Perhaps. But I have a few friends who’ve been borked by them, so not entirely too sad to see them go.

There also may be a new Wii console announced over the summer? Touch screens and a camera and….my brain is melting trying to figure out what this would look like. But whatever. In Nintendo we trust? X.x

Anyways, I assume you all are skipping this newspost to continue to count down to Portal 2’s immenant release, so, uh, carry on.

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