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Did it just get cold in here?

Super secret ninja livestream is GO!

Livestreaming tomorrow's comic"¶TODAY! Will be going late into the night, so pop in any time!

EDIT: Stream over, thanks for playin!


Livestream later tonight?

Contemplating livestreaming when I get done inking the page. If I do, it’d probably go up around 7-8 pm my time, maybe a lil’ earlier? Now that I have music again I kinda wanna play it for everyone so you can mock my bad taste XD


Skyrim, Mass Effect, Minecraft

Lourdes really has a gift for inspiring passive agressive violence, huh?

Don’t forget: I will be at Anime Boston in like, a week and a half, in the dealer’s room. As it gets closer, I’ll post a map of where the table is exactly so you’ll be able to print it and find us easier =)

1up posted this giant article on giant RPG Skyrim, so check it out. It’s part stuff they’ve seen and part wishlist, but the stuff-they’ve-seen section seems pretty cool. Like having NPCs that react to what’s happening around them.

IGN posted an article about Suckerpunch that I find I agree with. Is it a “good” movie? Not really. But the fact is that it =is= a visual feast for your eyes, and a really fun watch, and the actresses don’t burden you by talking too much (which is the main problem I had with Transformers–if there were like, 80% less people (I mean, there were like, 50 people in the main cast, not including the robots!) and 80% more robots kicking the crap out of each other, it wouldn’t have been so bad). So yeah, maybe not worth the full price ticket, but definitely a matinee, especially with some of your gamer-y/anime buddies. Because at the end of the day, it’s a cute girl in a Japanese sailor fuku kicking ass with a samurai sword.

Minecraft has a release date now, 11/11/11, which doesn’t really mean anything to us other than soon it won’t be in beta anymore. But, if you happen to buy the game now while it’s still in beta, I think you’ll still get future updates for free, so it’s something to consider before it becomes legit. And there’re cute little doggies you can get now! My favorite part is when they go swimming, and then they have to shake themselves off to dry! So cute!! YES I AM A GIRL AND I LIKE CUTE ANIMALS! DEAL WITH IT!

Mass Effect is apparently also going to get an anime movie made which hopefully won’t suck like the Halo anime. Likewise, since the Dragon Age anime is coming out soon and there’s already a Deadspace anime, it seems that EA’s going anime crazy. Are we going to get a Madden anime next?

Finally, Joystiq posted some of the details from Game Informer’s coverage on Mass Effect 3. Don’t read it if you want to be surprised by which party members are coming back, however! But yeah, personally, I’m happy there’s no multiplayer as it’d be weird if my Shepard was running around with a bunch of other Shepards–like some sort of time paradox. But maybe that’s why we’d all be killing each other? In any event, leaving out multiplayer makes more room for RPG stuff, which is what I want in my RPGs. And some of the things they’ve posted have me excited–namely beefier talent trees.

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