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No more DA 2 talks"¶after this

Ok, so I really meant to not talk about Dragon Age 2 for a while, but Bioware is apparently giving away a free copy of Mass Effect 2 (for PC) to anyone who already purchased/pre-ordered Dragon Age 2 or does so before April 30. I guess all you have to do is download the Black Emporium stuff and then you can get the code. Now granted, most of you probably have ME 2, but if you don't, and you already pre-ordered/grabbed DA 2, you should definitely grab the download since its, you know, free (and a really good game).

EDIT: Link fixed now

Also if anyone wants my code for ME 2, please send me an email at savagesparrow [at] gmail.com. First person'll get it, since, ya know, I already have the game and all.

EDIT: Code given away, congrats to James for being the quickest!

Of course, there's loads of speculation on why they're bundling DA 2 with ME 2 now, including conspiracies about DA 2 not selling very well (which is possible, but considering how they didn't have to build an engine from scratch and they also spent half of the dev time, DA 2 probably has a better profit margin), but personally I think it's probably just to get people hyped up for ME 3, especially since the last DLC, Arrival, was released recently. But that's just me.

Speaking of ME, I should probably beat ME 1 so I can import to ME 2 so I can import to ME 3, huh? That'd probably be a good idea"¶. (but at least I'm close to finishing ME 1"I finished the 3 hub missions and mostly all of the sidequests!) Also, after getting used to the Mako controls, I don't hate it nearly as much as I used to. Especially once I figured out how to use the damn canon (for whatever reason, it never said in the player tutorials how to shoot the canon, so I was literally fighting stuff by getting super close up to it and blowing it away with the really weak machine gun thingie). Also, for some reason, downloading √Ę‚¨ňBring Down the Sky' seems to have broken some of the textures in my copy (a steam copy), as now all the hairstyles are a solid black silhouette and Asari faces look like black voids with eyes (which makes chats with Liara very disturbing). Is there any way to fix this? I've already tried fixing the files via steam's thing, but that hasn't worked. You're all way smarter than me when it comes to these things, so I appeal to your superior intellect!

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