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Regime Change

Back to normal

Hope everyone enjoyed the April Fool’s site, but alas, now we must go back to having girly emotions…though at least ninja’s learning to dish it out a bit more. =p

Couple of things. First off, we will be at Anime Boston in two weeks in the dealer’s room. As the con gets closer, I’ll post a map of where our booth is, but the main thing is that we’ll be on a corner with that lobster guy. Also, there’ll be a special attraction at our booth as well, so make sure you swing by and with a camera ;x

Speaking of Flipside, I colored his new chapter cover, so go over there and check it out. I think it came out pretty cool.

The Kickstarter campaign for Japan Needs Heroes is almost at its goal, but there’s still 20-something days left to pledge. So yeah, donate some cash to Japan, get a free comic. It’s awesome. And both Brion and I are doing art for it!

I meant to plug this earlier, but there’s this awesome Dragon Age Origins (+Awakening+DLC) save generator that someone from the awesome modding community created. It’s really great if, like me, for whatever reason it’s not reading your Awakening save state or if you want to make some different decisions to see how they affect DA 2 without playing through all 80 hours of DAO and its expansions again. I’m playing through on a save generated through it now, and so far I haven’t had any issues. But alas, PC players only =\

Finally something random I was linked too that I found impressive none-the-less, a suuuuuper detailed Jack from Mass Effect 2 cosplay. Somehow that “outfit” actually looks better on a human than on the game character. ‘Course, it helps that the girl totally nailed it.

That’s all I got for now, sparrow out! Bacaaaw!


CD Projekt RED April Fools Joke

Ok, so while this spoof isn't entirely manly, CDProject Studio the makers of the very manly The Witcher game as well as the muscularly epic Good Old Games store have announced a new game in The Bard: Saviors of Queens. If you go on their site, you can check out the trailer for this epic, as well as a dev diary video. NSFW though because of some tiny boobies. But otherwise very awesome and well worth your time (not to mention, the tiny boobies earn you MAN POINTS).

I guess they didn't like DA 2 very much XD

Also, Starcraft is returning to consoles


New regime

So yes, it’s true–Mystic Revolution is going manly. While it is true that a certain ‘Epic Beard Guard’ does have a rather devoted following, the truth is that there have been many complaints about characters getting too “emo” or whatever. So what better way to improve the comic than to remove the possibility of any of the characters ever being considered “emo” than by making them all men (or at least, very manly).

I should also mention that our forums also retain a manly motif, but be forewarned: Non-manly people will not be tolerated. This is a house of MUSCLE.

That is all.

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