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Chapter 24: Hot Ninja Action!

Wonder Woman TV show

Ok, so a few weeks ago, the first pictures of the Wonder Woman costume for the WW TV show were leaked and good god did that costume look awful (sky-blue latex? Boots that match the sky blue latex???). BUT, it appears our fears have been alleviated, as it looks like the costume’s been updated with a much nicer dark blue pants and the traditional red boots. I also dig that she’s got the stars going down the side of her legs as an homage to the star spangled panties that comic WW wears.

I also finally beat Dragon Age 2 over the weekend. It seems weird to compare Origins and 2 together since they’re both completely different games–much like a Final Fantasy game where they change over the system, story and characters from the previous game for something new. But, if you do choose to import, you get some really cool cameos from your Origins buddies, in particular the bits where Leliana and Zevran show up are amazing. The first hour or two is really slowly paced and felt more methodical than emotional, but once you get your party together (which again, only really happens after the first hour/two of playing) the game gets a lot better as the party members this time around are really well written and unique (not to say that Origins’ characters weren’t, but because of the way the new companion system works you really get to hang out and learn a lot more about your party members, and with the exception of your siblings, they’re all amazing). Act 2 in particular is really well done and perfectly paced, and the climax at the end made me a little sad. In comparison, Act 3 feels rather rushed, and while the final boss fights are really well done as fights (if a tad ridiculous, especially for the final one), it really lacks the humanity that the climax of the second act had. In addition, sadly, it doesn’t really matter which side you choose as you’re going to fight the same stuff either way =(

BUT, that being said, I still think it’s a pretty cool game. Overall, I’d give it an 8-8.5/10, because the combat is super fun this go-round and your party members aren’t morons who need you to hold their hand constantly lest they die horribly (For instance, I had Anders as a healing mage in my party, and at one point he had two guys meleeing him. In origins, he would’ve just stood there until I took direct control and moved him out of the way. In DA 2, he was actually backing up until he used cone of cold to stun them, and then ran to a safer distance). You also can’t stun lock as badly as you could in Origins–for instance, even when I wasn’t playing a mage, I’d always swap between my two mages anyway for the Cone of Cold/Petrify and Crushing Prison/rock fist (sorry, can’t remember what that spell’s called) shattering combo. Because the tactics actually work, I can have fun exploiting the ridiculous talents they give DW rogues this time around (I found my love on the ‘Assasin’ tree, as ‘Assasinate’ basically lets you explode most enemies in a single hit. It’s amaaaaazing).

So yeah, I’d say DA 2 is worth playing simply because the things they did well (like the companions and their storylines) they did really well, but it would’ve been nicer if the first act didn’t feel so slow and the last act didn’t feel so rushed. Also, I could live with them reusing the dungeons if the rest of the dungeon not used by that particular quest ALSO didn’t show up on your map. I swear, I spent a couple minutes wandering around this one rock outcropping because it looked like there was a big path on my map that I hadn’t explored. But that path was locked! ;_;

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