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Fenris' Fisting Fun

DnD livestream!

Livestreaming DnD right now!!!

EDIT: And we're livestreaming again in the morning!

EDIT 2: And now that one’s over too. So hopefully you guys had fun, and got to see one of the four streams I/we did. Now to hide for a while so you guys don’t get sick of me XD


Livestreaming NOW!

Super secret cobra ninja Livestream is GO!! So, GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!

Will be going very late into the night, so until you see the âHey, it's over" message posted here, assume it's still happening ;x

EDIT: Stream is OVER! Thanks to all who came, especially to Kathy and Runestream in particular for sticking it out to the bitter end at 3:20 am! XD


Fenris rules

Ok, so this comic was actually inspired by this first conversation. SO BIOWARE MADE THE FISTING JOKE, NOT ME! ".And Lady Hawke has needs XD

The fun thing about Dragon Age 2 is that you can have your party members sometimes interrupt the conversation with their opinions on whatever's happening. Fenris' interrupts often happen to involve punching through people's chests, which is awesome.

But yeah, basically I had to do as much flatting of the Vespers pages as I could to get that project moving again while I still have some break left. Thanks to all who attended the long-ass stream yesterday! If you missed out yesterday, however, I may be doing one later tonight (maybe 7 pm ish CST) if I get home early enough from my appointment with the tax guy. I still have 4 pages left to flat, so hopefully I'll be able to get those done.

For those who did miss the stream yesterday, this little guy was shown off:

Yup. He's a-getting made. I'm hoping to have some available for Anime Boston, but if not, I'll have them for Acen. And of course they'll be available online as soon as I get âem. So yeah, make sure to give these lil' guys a home this summer! ^^

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