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It's not that bad.....


Internet's fixed, so I'ma streaming LIVE right now. I have to flat as many pages of Vespers as I can before break ends, and sadly I have too many other things to do this weekend so I can't put it off. BUT, that means that you guys get to keep me motivated all day/night (As this will most likely go on all night too). So come by and cheer me on!

EDIT: Stream’s over! Lasted a good 8 hours, too! If you want to check it out( and the other videos of older streams), you can go to the livestream page itself, and some of the videos from older streams are listed. I’m not sure when it’ll post yesterday’s video, but when it does it’ll be called “Epic VESPERS stream” or something like that.

Also, I might have a stream tomorrow night when I get back from my mom’s house, so stay posted! ^^


No stream after all

Our internet’s been really awful. As I go to upload this post, it will take approximately 3 minutes to upload (compared to “instantaneous” when the net’s working), and as a result I can’t get procaster to connect for more than a second or two. BUT we have a tech coming over tomorrow to give things a looksee (there’re thoughts that something may have came lose during one of the many storms we’ve had over the last few days), so hopefully that’ll be fixed and I can stream something at some point this week. Because that’d be nice.

In the mean time, this blew me away: William Shatner turns 80 today. THAT DUDE DOES NOT LOOK/ACT 80! My mind is blooooown (if you could see my office, there’s a splatter of brain matter on the wall in our tiny office directly behind me–it’s kinda gross). And he’s still doing stuff like the probably-awful Shit My Dad Says TV show.

I hope when I’m 80 I’m as awesome as Shatner. That’s a rule to live by, friends!

Also, since I have decided that working myself to the point of burning out is probably a terrible work ethic for a creative person, I’ve decided to meter out my 12-14 hour drawing sessions with an hour or two of gaming. Mostly I’ve been switching between Minecraft and Dragon Age II.

Now, you might wonder “Wow, Jen, you were such a crazy obsessive scary person with the first Dragon Age game, I’d think you’d be playing this one all the fricken’ time!. And yes, you were right, I was/am crazy obsessed with the first game. But I find the second game, at least the beginning (I’ve gotten to where you need to go on a bunch of sidequests to get money for the deep roads) to be, for a lack of a better descriptor, boring. Yes, the combat’s kinda fun–especially since I rolled a rogue this go-round, LOTS of awesome rogue abilities–and it does look a LOT better, but the actual story parts aren’t very interesting to me. At least not yet. I’d say I’m about an hour or so into it, and I’m very not impressed. I hear it picks up a lot in the second act, but right now, not really digging it. But I do love the characters so far, with the exception of your sister who’s about as boring as toast (at least so far). She’s more boring than Jacob from Mass Effect 2. But everyone else (which right now consists only of Avaline, Merrill and Varric) are pretty awesome.

So yeah, I will continue to post my thoughts on DAII as I continue to play it, since it’s my blog and I can do what I want. Nyeeeh =p


No stream

Gah, no stream after all–my throat feels kinda congested. BUT, I might try for tomorrow, mmmkay?

In the meantime, funny videos!

The Pony Effect–Mass Effect x My Little Pony

Spider-man stops domestic violence and….steals a car!

And while it’s not a funny video, awesome news nonetheless, Kodansha USA is planning to rerelease the Sailor Moon manga, hopefully with new translations (Sailor Tin Nyanko? Wtf is a ‘nyanko’?! ) and better quality binding (as my copies of the Tokyopop/Mixx originals are falling apart =\ There’s also rumors going around that they may redub the whole anime, which would be super awesome. The only part of the dub I kinda liked were the movies and the ‘R’ season–even though ‘S’ is the best season (though I’ve never seen more than a couple eps of Stars…), the dub was so godawful its hard to watch (everyone sounds like they’re 45 =\ ).

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