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Livestream Monday maybe

Thinking of livestreaming the flatting of the Voice of the Vespers comic I’ve been working on on monday. It’d be an all day affair, so if you miss when it goes up, you can probably pop in at any time until I get tired of talking and take it down, haha. So yeah, check here, facebook or

But could she really have gotten out of it herself, or is that some lady machismo talkin?

Before I forget, Wayward Sons’ Benny Powell is creating a really cool comic anthology to raise money for the crises in Japan. The print costs are already covered, so everything raised is going directly to The Japan Society, which gives 100% of all donations directly to the victims. And you get an awesome comic with a bunch of cool creators like me, this guy and others!

So yeah, check it out as it’s a nifty project and more and more creators are signing on every day. They’ve already raised over $1200 in two days, which is pretty awesome, but can be much more awesome.

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