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Emo vs. emotional

Gah, had a looot of trouble writing this page. The problem with writing scenes exploring characters’ vulnerability is that eventually someone throws up the “OMG! SO EMO!” flag. While I understand that angstiness seems to be the new hip thing, at the same time I really think that every once and a while a character has to have some sort of moment where they question themselves, their surroundings, etc in order to grow and develop. Otherwise they’re boring stereotypes instead of “people” you can possibly relate to.

But yeah, the real challenge of this page is that I really wanted to have a bit of a flashback there, as ya know, L has some issues that she really chooses not to think about. But I was kinda rushed this week, so pacing isn’t quite as smooth as I’d like, but that’s the way it is sometimes. Hopefully you guys won’t mind, and it’ll give more people fuel for conspiracy theories in the forums.

I kinda wish I lived in the UK because apparently, EA had actual dragons deliver the copies of DA2 to various stores. Though I imagine that could’ve ended very badly for anyone near those things, you have to admit, those little carts are really cute. Also, I should mention that I haven’t actually gotten my copy of DA2 yet (our apartment doesn’t accept packages, so I had it shipped to my parents house and we haven’t had a chance to run over there to pick it up), but yes, for those who asked I will be posting my thoughts on the game once I grab it.

Pax East is all happenin’ now, so if you’re one of the lucky people out there, I am sooooo jealous. For the rest of us though, it means we get to see all the new trailers and stuff that’re being released! Like this new trailer from The Old Republic–unlike the last one, this one seems to have actual gameplay in it, and the lovely voice of one Jennifer Hale.

I also managed to score a beta key for Darkspore, so hopefully I can fiddle with it over the weekend. It seems pretty cool, or at the very least as close as we’re likely going to get to a Pokemon MMO (which would be aweeeesooooome).

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