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Four little words

Flats now, full colors later

As I write this, it’s 4 am, and it took me like, 6-8 hours to ink this $#@%ing page, mostly due to that bottom left panel. See, that background was actually drawn on a separate page because I thought it’d look better if I drew it separately than just fudge it and draw it in the same panel (sometimes when you work that way the artwork =looks= like you’re trying to smoosh it into a panel, so subconsciously you’ll find yourself cropping/not cropping stuff to make it look better) For this particular panel, I wanted to have it really look like a stream of consciousness of memories, so I thought it’d be a good idea to ink it separately. It looks pretty good, but what it basically boiled down to me doing was a full page, and then like, 1/3 of another page on top of that. LOT OF INKING *sigh*

But anyway, the colors’ll be pretty quick to do once I get up, so hopefully look for the final version around 1 pm CST? I have a ton of errands to run tomorrow, too, so I will not be streaming this page in the interest of getting things done to make my appointments on time. Sorry =\


Big pile of news

So first off, you gotta love how much Lourdes' friends have faith in her mental stability. I should also add that like the weapons, armor can have âactivated" once-per-battle type abilities that happen when a rune is placed on them. So for instance, Tecamza's gender bender thing is actually a rune set meant to raise charisma (or a charisma-like stat as I haven't decided if I want it to be the same as D&D charisma or be combo'd in with some other attribute). Now, does it gender bend for every player? No. It's more like what you personally believe to be the ideal of beauty, so I by that logic it's entirely possible that someone could transform into Steve Buscemi and still pull off that ability. Once again, like many things in the MR world, it all depends on the player.

As for the spells Aeiryn's mentioning, if you've never played Dungeons and Dragons (or any video game with D&D inspired rules/spells), Charm Person basically makes everyone quite a bit more friendly towards you and more likely to do what you ask them to do (depending on your charisma and how friendly your DM is feeling that day). Dominate person basically makes people your slave. Which is kinda awesome, as my chaotic evil character way back when had a whole army of slave people, and it was fun to torment my good and lawful good friends with them.

Next, I was supposed to post this a while ago, but never did. So now I'm giving it the attention of a Monday update: A really awesome fandub of the introduction of Mr. Pheffer the penguin from the early pages of MR! Seriously, it's really well done, to the point where I found myself laughing at my own jokes (which was a really weird experience for me as usually I'm like, â"I hope this is funny".."). So yeah, click the link and check it out, comment and rack up some page views on there so he'll do some more =D

I know I posted this Friday, but I also wanted to give this MMO, The Secret World some more attention as it's got some really interesting and unique ideas. Also, the teasers are pretty fricken' cool:

It's also got a great pedigree, coming from the guys who did The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. Those guys really know how to build a world and make it moody and atmospheric, so I'm really excited to see how they handle an MMO that's a little more in their wheel house (As Age of Conan apparently failed miserably).

Finally, did you know Kmart is actually a good place for game deals? For example, this week you can grab a copy of Pokemon Black and get Pokemon White half off OR you can grab the Pokemon DSi bundle and get any other pokemon game for free (scroll down to the bottom to see the offer). Which is pretty cool because at least with the first offer, if you go halvsies with a friend/sibling/guy standing in line with you, you each can get Black/White for under $30. Or buy both copies for yourself to prove you’re against PokApartheid. Likewise, on the 15th, grab a copy of Yakuza 4, get a free copy of Yakuza 3. Rad.

They're also looking for gaming bloggers out there to send to E3, so if any of you guys happen to have blogs where you chat about t3h gam3z, you might be able to cover E3 (or at the very least, be able to post links to your blog in their comments section, which is always nice). Deadline's til March 30, so there's plenty o' time.

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