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Intresting MMO idea

The Secret World looks like a pretty interesting MMO concept. Instead of levels, you have skills so you can really customize your character. It also has kind of a post apocalyptic thing happening, and it’s modern day, so your “armor” is different kinds of clothing. They say they’re also drawing inspiration from Lovecraft and Stephen King, with the goal of creating a “psychologically creepy” MMO. And it’s from the team that did Dreamfall and The Longest Journey, so they have experience in making really cool, interesting and atmospheric games. So color me intrigued.

So many epic games to play this year! The RPGs just keep popping outta the woodwork!


More dragons

So first off, before I post the news, I have to say I’m officially making Mr. Pheffer (aka the penguin) plushies. For realsies. I’ll hopefully be getting some pics of the prototypes as the month goes on, and they’ll probably be available in like, April/Mayish–just in time for convention season. But don’t worry, if you can’t go to a con or live outside the country, they’ll be available on the store as well. And if these do good I’ll make a character plushie too! ^^

The biiiig news of this week is that The Dance of Dragons (book 5 in the Game of Thrones trilogy) is actually going to be out this summer! Also, Entertainment Weekly posted this sick trailer of the upcoming TV show, so even more awesomeness! This is going to be an AMAZING year, I’m super psyched!

Next, the lovely Juno (whom some of you may know from Star Cross’d Destiny needs all of your help to get her band to win Battle of the Bands on this site so her band can play on the Warped Tour. You have to register to vote, which kinda sucks, but you can vote every day and also download some of their songs for free off their facebook page, so please help her out. Her band kicks ass and it’d be awesome for them to get some more exposure =)

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