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Sexy dance!

Livestream".It's HAPPENING!

Livestream".it's HAPPENING! Right now! Gogogogogo!

Stream over! Thanks guys!!! ^^


Comic late today

Sorry guys, had some personal things that needed to be taken care of yesterday, so it pushed back the comic. However, once I get done inking it tomorrow I’ll probably livestream the coloring process, so be sure to check back here (or facebook or twitter) for details! It’ll probably go up in the afternoon, so keep an eye out =)


Game of thrones and other games

New Game of Thrones trailer! SO excited–you get to see more of the characters which is awesome. And the Iron Throne looks really cool.

For whatever reason, the makers of the very addictive Game Dev Story have decided to make their next game Hot Springs Story, giving you the role of creating an inn with hot springs. While I’m a little disappointed that they’re removing the video game aspect from it (as the best part of Game Dev Story was seeing the development of games from the company’s perspective, which was startlingly accurate and kinda depressing at times), it’s probably going to be just as good at sucking away my time, so huzzah.

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