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Chin troubles

Vespers again

Sorry guys, I just have TWO PAGES to ink and then all the inks are done (still gotta color it, but at least the hard part–drawing + inking it–will be over). So yeah, I’m really hoping I can finish it off on Friday. It seems like maybe that’s possible….. =O

In any event, backgrounds done in manga studio, characters inked in Paint Tool Sai. Still haven’t gotten used to digitally inking stuff (usually I ink everything by hand), but I think I’m getting better at it as I go along. Probably won’t be digitally inking MR for a looooong time though, because MR’s my baby and I’m too much of a perfectionist, haha.

To distract you, however, from a lacking MR update, you can play the Dragon Age II demo to whet your appetite for the March release. I played it–it’s very demo-y (very short, lots of fights, a few cutscenes), but overall I dug it. Sadly they locked the character creator and you can’t really upgrade your gear with the stuff you find (at least, I couldn’t =\ ), but what was there was pretty awesome. Skip the next few paragraphs if this stuff bores you, cuz I’m going to get into my impressions.

First off, graphics–while not nearly as pretty as anything released from Japan, the graphics have definitely improved over the first game. For starters, the women actually look like women now, instead of the male elf build with slimmer arms and malformed boobies taped on. Also, I dig the new look of the Darkspawn, as I actually feel more like I’m going to catch a disease from touching them now than I did in the first game (where they all kinda looked like Burn Unit escapees). They look more original/unique, but close enough to the first game so you know what they are and what they’re about. And the scenery–at least when you get to the Kirkwall part of the demo–looks really cool! It’s got a much richer palette, with bright spots of red and gold amidst this really cool Byzantine-ish architecture.

Having the character voiced is a little weird though, because having the character voiced takes you out of it a little bit–you can’t imagine yourself delivering the snarky quip, because someone else is doing it for you. I don’t mind that much, since I was able to get into Mass Effect, but I don’t feel the same immersion as I did with Origins because the warden in this case isn’t me, it’s whoever’s voicing her. Much like my Shepard isn’t me, it’s my decisions as interpreted through Jennifer Hale (if that makes any sense at all). Default Lady Hawke’s model looks really pretty though–once again, miles ahead of Origins’ ladies.

Combat: SO much better. Now, I’m playing on PC, so I don’t really know what it’s going to be like on console, but yeah, you can pause and play. I did notice that it was kind of annoying to set up tactics, however (it kept overwriting my set tactics or refusing to let me select what I wanted it to do), but that could just be a bug in the demo (at least I hope so, because tactics keep you alive on the harder difficulties). I played mage my first go round, and it was pretty cool because when you went to cast a spell, it….happened. Like, instantly. Which is good because the AI were swarming all over the place. And that’s another thing–the AI seem a bit smarter in the new game, at least once you get past the part where you’re exaggerated to be a badass. It seems a lot easier for them to just swarm all around you out of nowhere, and it seems like reinforcements are always coming out of the woodwork to make you unhappy. They seem to know to attack your mages if you leave them alone, and it seems like it could be easy to die if you’re not careful. I was so used to just letting my warriors just stand in front and get pounded in Origins that I didn’t realize how horribly the swarm was hitting them until one of them died.

I’d like to talk about the story, but there isn’t really much story stuff that you do in the demo aside from running away a lot. But the dwarf, Varric is pretty awesome. And he has epic chest hair.

Man, that was a lot more rambly than I intended. But speaking of dragons, NEW SKYRIM TRAILER. With #!$#@ing DRAGONS!! Gah, this game, Dragon Age, ME 3, Deus Ex, The Old Republic AND possibly Diablo 3 coming out this year? When will I find the time to play such epicness?!! I think society will probably collapse because everyone’s too busy playing one of the many 60+ hour RPGs coming out this year that all look wonderful =X


Guest strip for DA about DA

In case you missed it, I did a guest strip for Dueling Analogs today, though those familiar with my deviantART account should already be familiar with this one. But still cool anyways =D


This is kinda cool…

2 Player productions is looking to finance a Mojang Studios documentary. For those who don’t know, Mojang is made up of the guys that made that nifty little game Minecraft, and 2 Player did a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for those Penny Arcade guys. Seems pretty cool, and kickstarter lets you guys be a part of making it possible =)

Speaking of Minecraft those crazy guys a developing an iphone/ipad version, which can only be awesome. The style of the game makes it easy to pick a place to stop, and what better time to mine for stuff than when you’re bored in a line or on a train?

People have also asked me to comment on Felicia Day writing/starring in a live action Dragon Age web series. To be honest, I don’t really have an opinion–Day’s great when she plays cute, awkward and nerdy, so it’ll be interesting to see if she can pull off “baddass". From the description in the article, it kinda sounds like the plot of a LARP (as her character sounds almost exactly like a girl version of Zevran), which can be bad as it’s boring to watch a LARP unless you’re one of the players. But it’s a free series (at least, I assume it’s going to be free to watch if it’s on the web), so who cares if it’s good or bad?

Anyways, you can see a teaser of Day bouncing around below and judge for yourselves:


Chinny chin chin

So one of the only things I have in common with Lourdes is that I also have a large-ish chin (well, to be fair, the smallness of my mouth accentuates the largeness of my chin). Unlike Lourdes though, I never really cared (though it looks really funny when I make a super frowny face because then my mouth disappears and it becomes all chin!), but I thought it’d be funny for her to have one weird little insecurity.

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