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That dude looks like a lady


See the page that’s supposed to go up today, and watch as I color it….LIVE! Make fun of me for being late! Hear the curses as things fail to go my way (as they always do in coloring). Etc!


Can’t rush BEAUTY

Grrrr…events from the week have pushed back getting these inks done. BUT, I’ll livestream today to make up for it. Probably late afternoon CST, check here + facebook group+ twitter as they’ll be updated when we’re live =)


Rule 63

So have to thank Jamey on the facebook group for pointing out internet rule 63, which I found so cute I changed the dialogue a lil’ in that first panel.

Been getting a couple emails asking what the hell I’m referencing with this one, and the main one is the sailor starlights transformation sequence(I’m tagging NSFW on this one because it IS a sailor moon transformation sequence complete with implied nudity and all, but it’s a really cool transformation song!) from the season of sailor moon that didn’t make it to America, Sailor Moon Stars. For those not familiar, the sailor starlights are from somewhere far away in the galaxy and take the form of boys on earth (specifically a boy pop band) to disguise themselves or something. But like all sailor scouts, their “true form” is female, so there you go! In the manga I think their human form was still female (they just dressed as boys?), but I’m not sure if that was for real or just a translation change because the manga was translated before manga became the huge staple it is today (it was translated by Tokyopop before Tokyopop was Tokyopop even, under the ‘MIXX’ line).

But yeah, it’s also been kind of a trope of 80s anime to have boys turning into girls and vice versa, most notably Ranma 1/2, but also Birdie the Mighty, Utena (even though she was a girl, she was trying to become a ‘prince’, dressed in boys clothes and had all the girls fawning over her), etc. So yeah, I thought it’d be hilarious to reference this wonderful era of gender-swapping good times.

……Ok, maybe I just wanted to illustrate a transformation sequence because it’s fun and colorful. Maybe.

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