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Press button, something awesome happens

Colors later, gaters

Hey guys, colors mayhaps not til later. Had a ton of errands to run yesterday so I got home kinda late. Tomorrow we have to take the car into the shop (busted the mirror sliding on the snow to get out into the alley), so I’m hoping maybe I can have the colors for this page up on monday with the new page? (we’re leaving eaaaarly to go to the shop by brion’s ‘rents house, so hopefully we can get the car back that day so we won’t be trapped there for the whole weekend XD )


When regular fire just won’t do…

….use ‘hellfire’. Briefly I toyed with it being called the boring “Dante’s” inferno, but that’s been soooo overdone.

The title of the strip is an allusion to the “press a button, something awesome happens” slogan that Bioware’s been preaching for Dragon Age II. And while yeah, it seems really cheesy (especially when repeated ad nausium in every press release they give), the combat videos they’ve released thus far do seem pretty…well, awesome. A bit more action-y than I’d like, but they’ve said the PC version still has the tactical overhead view that I love so well.

Speaking of games, Gamedev Story is a game for everyone who loves games. It’s out now for iphone/ipad/ipod + Android, and on sale (at least on the apple store, though I got it at Android market for $2.50). It’s a weird little sim game where you play a new game developer, and have to sort through all the problems associated with that–hiring/paying employees, developing new games and hoping the reviewers like them, negotiating the licensing fees for new consoles, etc. It goes for 20 years, from the humble beginnings of PC gaming to the DS and the Wii. If you know your history of consoles, you’ll know that you probably should develop for the Virtua Boy clone, but maybe a good batch of games can save the Dreamcast-like console. Warning, however: It’s reaaaaaaally addictive. I’d play it on the train and go, “Oh, I’ll quit when the game’s released” and then “Well, I have to see how well it sells in its first week” to “Well, now I have to develop a new game, since I have funding coming in!". Highly recommended, and for a buck or two, definitely worth it.

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