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New year

So weird to think that 2010’s all over tonight. This year saw the release of book 3, the reprint of book 1, me entering grad school, briefly having/maintaining a buffer *sigh*, meeting loooooads of you guys at the conventions, upgrading the computer, then having it melt down, having Michelle Rodrigez wish my mom a happy birthday, learned LOTS of new stuff, wrote a 65 page business plan, did a charity comic, did a ton of bioware comics, read lots of comics, watched lots of tv and movies, and overall had a pretty good time. I hope the year’s been pretty good for the rest of you guys, too, and if not, hopefully it’ll be better next year!!

New Year’s resolutions–

—attempt to get buffer back for the summer, so hopefully there’ll still be updates even when we’re at cons.
—continue to strive to improve the artwork/storytelling, so I can continue to deliver an awesome story for ya’ll.
—Get the new site design up and running (I have been assured they’re working on it, so hopefully it’ll be done sometime next year…)
—Along those lines, clean up the archives to include all the missing pages, updated color pages, and some of the cleaned up pages I did for book 1 (I had to redo all the text balloons for the first few chapters when I did the reprint of book 1–looks sooooo much better that way). Currently with the php script we have now, its really janky to try to update/replace archive files unless it’s the current comic page. The last few times I’ve tried I accidentally broke the whole site, so I’ve been avoiding it… =\
—Get stuff in the “Stuff” section XD
–work on special MR projects! So many things we have planned! ^^

Overall I’m mainly hoping to just make the site more awesome for all you guys, so I hope everyone will continue to keep coming back and enjoying the site/story.

Also, not sure if I mentioned it before, but MR’s about half over now! Once the tournament arc is done, there’s one more story arc and then it’s over! But don’t worry, with the way I tell stories that’ll probably be at least 4-5 years of content, haha XD

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