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Thinking about a flashback

An interesting conversation

So I just wanted to share this little bit of the awesome quirkiness that is Brion’s mom.

To put this into context, whenever we plan to get married (note: not until I at =least= get outta grad school), we wanna have a total zombie wedding. A friend of mine is an amazing visual effects artist and agreed to do the make up, so it’d be totally awesome. Anyway, everyone in the family knows this already, so here’s the conversation:

Brion’s mom: (somewhat coyly) So guys….if I don’t want to dress up as a zombie, can I dress up as something else?
Us: Like what?
Brion’s mom: I wanna dress up as Sirantha Jax!
Us: …………………what?
Brion’s mom: *hands us the book Killbox* She’s a super amazing space warrior who doesn’t take crap from anyone!
Brion: (reading off the back of the book) She’s an intergalactic diplomat with a short fuse who hates negotiation–well, if she hates negotiation she shouldn’t have become a diplomat.
Me: Lucinda…..you already have a day where you can dress up as whatever space opera characters you want. It’s called Halloween. Or a science fiction convention.
Brion’s mom: But I wanna go as Sirantha Jax! It’d be really cool!!
Us: No. Zombies or death! Or…undeath!
Me: If you want though we’ll let you be a CDC person and you can walk around in a big biohazard suit.
Brion’s mom: …….sigh.

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