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Violation of the brospace

Updated the character profiles!

…at least the images! Check it out!”



So first off, reformatting appears to have been successful, and I have most of the main stuff (drivers, photoshop, virus programs) installed. So that’s good. Sad thing though is that I forgot my Baldur’s Gate II saves were in the good old games folder and =not= in the baldur’s gate folder, so I lost those saves (all the non cloud-covered steam game saves, too, for the same reason >< ) but oh well.

In regards to today’s strip, I have something to admit: My brother is a total bro. And like ‘man rules’ I am fascinated by the rules of ‘brohavior’. A bro may invade brospace during the epic score of some sort of sporting event, or if both bros are drunk, but otherwise its no-touchy.

Saw two movies over the weekend: Black Swan and Tron. Black Swan was amazing and utterly visceral, in a very unapologetic, “suck it” kinda way. Very much in the vein of Arronofski’s earlier film, Requiem for a Dream (though not quite as depressing). But this movie, while fantastic and beautifully acted by Portman (who better pick up the Oscar for this, as she was phenomenal), has many scenes that are really intense and occasionally downright unwatchable, so be warned. But yes, I loved it.

Tron was also cool–didn’t really make much sense (I still have no idea what the hell Flynn was trying to do with the ISOs and how that was going to “change everything” or whatever)–but the fact is that the movie is pretty well paced, looks fabulous and filled with action that you don’t really give a crap about what they’re going on about (kinda like the first movie). Also, CG Jeff Bridges is scary (and not just because he’s, ya know, evil and stuff). Goddamn. Technology is amaaaaazing. Also loved the designs on the new and sexy lady programs–especially the shoes on the white ones (I think the one chick’s name was Jem? ). It was just a pretty movie, and a fun action movie that’s great to see over the holidays with your relatives.

Do not take your mom to Black Swan. No matter how much your mom says she loves ballet and Natalie Portman and The Wrestler, this is not a movie you take your mom to. Trust me. XD

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