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Update 2

Hey guys!

So it seems like I may have gotten a virus that then corrupted the windows security update for √Ę‚¨ňremoval of malicious programs', which then turned everything against me.

We're currently doing a clean install of windows, hoping to kill it dead so I can move on. The only thing that sucks is that it took me a few days to install all my old stuff the last time.

But thank you to all who emailed me advice!! It’s definitely times like these that I’m super glad that the MR community is full of kind and wonderful people who’re willing to lend their expertise to a poor sparrow in need. I can’t thank all of you enough!!


It gets worse…

Now I can’t access any of my programs aside from the internet (then, only firefox specifically). Everything says that there’s a key component missing that prevented the program from installing correctly…despite the fact that all my programs were installed correctly a day or so ago.

System restore didn’t do anything–it stopped working halfway through, regardless of the restore point I chose–saying that there was a ‘critical error’ that stopped it from restoring my system.

I’m totally at a loss as far as what the hell is happening. If anyone has an advice, please email me, savagesparrow@gmail.com


Comp issues

So continuing on from the post yesterday, it would appear my computer will no longer open photoshop (every time I try to open it, it says there’s some sort of error), so I’m backing up everything now, and hoping that if I do a system restore that’ll fix everything =\\\

Also, law final went kinda crappily, and I’m on the waiting list for Acen. GREAT DAY! X\


Can anyone help me out?

Ugh. Ok, so I recently installed some updates for windows (7, pro, 64 bit). Now my tablet (intuos 3) acts like a mouse with no pressure sensitivity. Did the whole ringaround for uninstalling, reinstalling, rolling back to old drivers, cleaning out temp files, etc etc etc. Nothin. Then I realized that the new driver for my mouse/keyboard (Intellitype/point 8.0 wireless mouse 5000, intellitype 3000) wasn’t installing, and the device manager only shows the mouse as ‘HID compatable mouse’ instead of what it actually is. Won’t let me roll back on mouse drivers. (also, the intellitype was included in the update I did in the first place). Anyway, I read on a forum that I need to install .net framework 4 again, but lo and behold, another error, every time I try to install the damn thing.



Quick bit of gamerly news

Ok, so I’m taking a bit of a break (one big paper down, two to go!) to share some of this news that I found cool.

First off, Mass Effect 3 trailer. Sooooo cool. But I still have to make my way through the first two games, alas (halfway through ME 1, only got up to getting Garrus and the doctor in ME 2 =\ ). But man, I’m excited anyway!!

Next up, though it really shouldn’t be a surprise,Warcraft Cataclysm sets a one day PC record. 3 million sales in one. day. One day. And the sad part is that I wanna play and explore the new areas and stuff, but Warcraft’s a dark path that leads to naught but despair and very late nights XD

Thor trailer! I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. Chris Helmsworth looks awesome, the robot things look awesome, overall I find myself excited. Green Lantern not so much though, because I dunno….it kinda looks to me like a well done fan trailer. But then again, I could never really get into the Green Lantern as a super hero. Frank Miller said it best in All-Star Batman and Robin, “The dude has the power to make anything with his mind and what does he do? Stupid giant hands and boxing gloves. And his weakness is yellow.”

Finally, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s cut, now with 3x more symbolism! I am suuuuuuuch a sucker for old school Blade Runnery sci fi, cyberpunk, and angry future stories. And the dude has this hand that turns into other things and then it spins around and does thing….and….uh….its awesome! So it’s probably another shooter I’m going to be terrible at, but damn is it pretty looking!


And finals drag on….

Alas, spent the weekend drearily getting together my business plan and working on a giant marketing paper–both are over 20 pages. Business plan’s not even done yet and I’m guessing it’ll probably be at least 30 or more =\\

BUT, luckily, Brion Foulke was kind enough to step up with a guest strip at the very last minute.

I’m hoping I can get something up Friday since hopefully getting everything else turned in will free up some time, but I don’t want to definitively say so (because this week may break my brain). At the very least, by next monday everything should be back to normal.

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