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Bring it

Thanks Loki!

One more thing (since I just got everything set up how I want it to be) I have to give a huge shout out to Loki for hooking me up with one of his old monitors (which is way newer than my monitor). Now I have two displays, and it’s sweeeet! I can have Baldur’s Gate on one side, and the FAQ in the other lighting refs on one side, and whatever I’m working on in Photoshop on the other! And seeing the livestream chat’ll be easier too (before I was using the laptop, which sucked cuz it took up like, a quarter of my desk XD ). But anyway, thanks Loki!! The MR readers thank you too for making me more efficient! ^^



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School is winding down, too, with my last class on December 16. And because I still seem to be getting questions about it, I'm going for a Masters in Arts/Media Management with a concentration in small business/entrepreneurship. Basically, I wanted to learn business skills, but figured an MBA would be too corporate based and therefore not really apply to what I wanna do all that much. Essentially I hope to kinda do what Sarah Ellerton of the Seraph Inn has with kind of a hub of comics (though I'll probably never, ever be as fast/talented as her XD ). And even though it's only been one semester, I've totally learned a lot. The main depressing thing though is how a bunch of stuff I'm doing now I really should've been doing 2 years ago".but oh well! Hopefully you guys'll start to see some cool new stuff with the site and everything in the coming year or two =)

EDIT: Creeper shirt temporarily taken down. May reappear in the spring.


No livestream

No livestream today. Ran out of buffer, so tomorrow’s gonna be drawing + inking+ coloring, and after 9 odd hours of doin’ the comic I’m not gonna wanna talk to anyone XD


New shirt + Christmas Sale!

Hey guys!

There’s a brand new shirt in town:

So for those of you either obsessed with Minecraft or cuteness, this is the shirt for you! Furthermore, enter code ” want2cyber ” in the coupon code area when you check out for 5% off your entire order. Orders over $60 get free shipping to anywhere–here, Uganda, Malaysia, Antarctica, anywhere. So check out the other MR swag, too.

But, the 5% off thing ends on Sunday. Also, I think if you order now too your thing is guaranteed to show up before Christmas.

//merch whoring over…for now! XD

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