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Shark Robot Christmas Sale!

Hey guys!! Shark Robot is having a sale! Enter coupon code “want2cyber” in the lil’ coupon code box when you check out for 5% off the entire order! There’s also free shipping to anywhere for orders over $60, so now’s a great time to get some sweet Christmas gifts! Sale goes til Sunday though, but I’ve been told all orders purchased between now and then will make it by Christmas, so good times!


One thing that bugs me

So one thing I hear a lot (and I mean a lot) is “I’d like to do a webcomic/make a comic/make illustrations but I don’t have a tablet/cintiq". Let me say for the record: You do not need a tablet/cintiq to be an awesome artist. This is one of the biggest myths out there. There are many reasons to get a tablet/cintiq, but expecting this device to become what elevates you to “professional” status is not one of them.

First of all, you don’t need to be a digital artist to do a webcomic. For the longest time, Megatokyo was all pencil drawings, and it looked awesome. If you wanna do color stuff, scanners are awesome enough these days that it’s pretty easy to do water colors or acryllically colored comics. Pick up a European comic–chances are its colored via colored inks or watercolors, and they look fabulous. Doing black and white are is also really awesome, too Flipside is entirely black and white, and he does most of the work by hand (anything else is done with a mouse because he doesn’t have a tablet).

Next, one of my favorite artists uses only a mouse to do his work. Like this image–pretty awesome, huh? ALL MOUSE! The man is amazing, and he does all his digital work entirely with a mouse using the lasso tools. So it can be done, it just takes practice and patience. And again, as mentioned previously, Brion does his shading without a tablet as well.

A tablet is a tool, just like a paint brush, a pencil, or a G Pen. Using a tablet will not make you a better artist any more than using a G Pen will make you better at manga. They will perhaps make it a bit easier to work, as I know using the tablet has cut my production time down by 60% or so, but they will not make your work better. You make your work better, so instead of waiting to get a tablet, practice getting the form nailed with classic pencil and paper. Because it’s not your lack of technology that’s holding you back, it’s you.

I really hope this doesn’t come off as angry or mean, but it really breaks my heart every time I hear the excuse (because that’s what it is) from new artists who “want to start, but can’t because they can’t afford tablets/cintiqs". Using my tablet has made me faster, but before I even had one I was making comics using my mouse and the polygonal lasso tool–it wasn’t until chapter 16 where I started fiddling around with the tablets pressure sensitive options. So yeah, if you wanna get a tablet, get it for the right reasons: Becoming more of a time-saver, instead of the key to creating comics.


Happy birthday to me

I hit the big 2-4 today. Good times.

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