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People are beginning to notice

Survey results

Holy cow, so first off, thank you guys for filling out the survey I posted!! I had over 300 respondents (at the time I put it into my report), so a very sweet sample size for the demographic data for the report. And damn, there's a bunch of stuff I didn't really think of, so I'm hoping (as long as ya'll don't mind) of making this a yearly thing to find out what everybody likes, doesn't like, etc.

Couple things I learned"first off, I'm super happy that the story's cool enough to keep most of you checking the site every update (or everyday according to 35% of you!), so that makes me feel super awesome!

Next, I realized I didn't really think to put an option about the RSS feed on there, because to be honest, even though it's been explained to me many times I still don't really get how it works or why it's useful. BUT, I do have to say that we are aware of the 1970 glitch, and it'll be fixed in the new site (which is being worked on now, and will hopefully be done someday in the near future).

One of the things that surprised me though is that more than half of you guys either don't read the blog (this thing) or don't realize there's a blog. Now, not reading the blog I get, but not realizing it's there (30%) I don't really understand, so I'm not really sure how to fix that. (I am making an effort to post more though!)

As far as the suggestions go, I have to say that you guys are so sweet"there was a lot of âdon't change anything!' or âit's already awesome!' which I really appreciated, but I know there's stuff wrong with the site so I wanna make it better for you guys!! The main thing was bringing back wednesday updates which, at least as long as I'm in school, probably won't happen if it ever does. The only way I could see it feasibly happening is either if I got paid a lot of money, or if I somehow had a 20-30 page buffer. Because yeah, right now doing it twice a week takes away all my time (a good 14 hours or so goes into these pages), and I think I'd go crazy if I had to do it 3x a week because there'd be no more âme' time. BUT, you never know. I could learn something that makes me faster or figure out a way to make my lineart look super good digitally or whatever. So think of the door not as being closed, but like, with one of those wedges in it to hold it open a crack.

Other things:
""Updating character pages/stuff section/keeping the archive pages updated "Hoping to work on them over christmas break.
""Getting comments under the comic. Don't really like comments under the comic, because I don't like how it stretches out the page and forces you to scroll down forever. But that's just me. However, you can comment on the comic on the forums or the or the Facebook page.
""-Con comics getting their own section. This is what we're working on with the new site, is getting the regular comic to post to chapters and the con comics to post to their own section or something. Cuz yeah, I hate how the fillers interrupt the story flow, too. If worse comes to worse I can always upload them normally and then delete them and manually post them in another spot later. And I will try to make them easier to read, it's just tough sometimes cuz I'll do âem at the airport on the way home or be super tired while writing, and ya know how all that is. Someone did suggest just making the images bigger, which is actually a pretty damn good idea, so as long as I don't forget I'll keep that in mind.
Also, I am going to attempt to have some sort of buffer for the summer, with the idea being that maybe I'll be able to post the con strips on tuesdays or something when there's no update.

But yeah, it's kinda weird some people are saying the tourney's long, and yeah, it is, but I think it's more because it's 2 pages a week. Cuz yeah, the actual fighting has only been just about a book. All things considered, while yeah, I think some stuff I coulda scrapped or reworked better, I think it's moving along pretty good since most manga tourney fights are like, 3+ volumes (MR's tourney will probably be finished in the next book. I mean, we're already almost done with Round 2"). But that is not an excuse, so I will definitely keep pacing in mind while wrestling with this epic story of mine.

So yeah, stick with me, and it will be awesome (I hope" ^^ )


MR Readers! I need your help!

Hey guys!

So I have to write a business plan for my entrepreneurship class, and I’m struggling with finding hard data as far as demographics are concerned (as it seems like nobody ever publishes their survey data -_- ).

So, in an effort to get my own data, I ask that you please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey so I can find out a lil’ more about you guys and what makes you tick. The first questions are the most important for the paper, but the rest is pretty useful for me to make things better for you guys.




So recently I’ve been rewatching all of the old Full Metal Alchemist anime to compare it to FMA: Brotherhood (the newer series). And I gotta say, while I think it’s awesome that the new series is more based on the manga and it’s really cool to see more of the world, I really dig the original show much more.

The main reason is tone–the original series had some really funny moments but also some really creepy, and often downright disturbing episodes. These eps (and you know which eps I’m talking about if you’ve seen the series) often triggered an emotional response because the show did a really good job in ensuring you got attached to all the characters (even the walk-ons). Additionally, funny moments and out of character moments were made all the more hilarious because you weren’t really expecting them (like Mustang explaining how awesome dogs are <3 .

But with Brotherhood….the chibi moments happen with almost every line of dialogue. Even inappropriate times like before/after the nina scene. It makes everything so much less emotional and it kinda reminds me of Teen Titans in a way. And I get that that’s how the manga is and that they want to stay true to the comic at all costs, but in terms of pacing and stuff, I don’t think that style really works for anime/movies/tv–at least not if you’re trying to tell a dark and dramatic story.

I still like Brotherhood overall, but the constant chibi/jokiness is kinda irritating as it really interrupts the story flow. But like I said earlier, I think it’s awesome that you get to explore more of the world and all the other different kinds of alchemy. We’re kinda watching the rerun eps so we’re about where they talk about Shing (so no spoilers!), and it’s kinda interesting to see how they’re obviously doing something different with the Homunculii (as we’ve just learned that some in the original show are not the same as the new show) . I should also mention that neither of us have actually read the comic either =X

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