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Chapter 23: The Bold and the Beautfiul

Livestream is GO!

Livestreaming right now! Come watch the comic get colored! Stay for the pleasant chatter!

EDIT: Stream over! Thanks for playing!



Today’s cover colors inspired by Adam Hughes’ work on Rose +Thorn (2nd and 3rd row down).

Sparrowtime (the livestream) returns on Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!! Follow this newspost, our RSS feed (right below the comic), the deviantART page, or my twitter page to find out when it’s going live (prolly around 11 am CST, but it’ll be going all day). See Monday’s page getting colored! Ask me silly questions! It’s awesome!

Finally, I finally got confirmed for Ohayocon! I’ll be there in the Artist’s alley, so definitely swing by to say hi! ^^

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