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Colored Flipside cover

I colored the new cover for Flipside. Check it out! It’s super colorful, and I’m really happy how it came out. I made bubbles ^^


Let’s talk about movies

//chapter end. Paragons and renegades man, SEE WHAT I DID THERE?? It all comes full cirrrrclleeee XD

Moving on, there’s a new trailer for Suckerpunch, the new film by Zack Snider (300, Watchmen). I really hope this movie’s gets good reviews (Brion won’t see a movie unless it gets higher than 70% on rotten tomatoes), because it’s looking pretty epic. I mean, cute girls in crazy outfits + swords + dragons + robots + WWII planes + zombies(?). Epic. And yes, I am very easily entertained.

Next, Resident Evil Afterlife people working on the next Silent Hill movie? Lame. With all the filler afterlife had (longest opening sequence ever for a payoff we’ve seen many times before–seriously, watching a chick standing in the rain for 15 minutes while credits roll before she bites a dude? Weak. ) it really should’ve only been maybe 50 minutes long. Personally though, of all the video game franchises to be made into movies, I think Silent Hill’s is kinda one of the ones you shouldn’t transition, simply because the games are about atmosphere and psyching you out more than actually a plot. So it’s not like you can do a straightforward adaptation (as evidenced in the Silent Hill movie we did get), so it’s going to get simplified no matter what, and usually they take away creepiness and horror for action and fight scenes.

I do have to say that I did kinda like the original silent hill movie–it was visually stunning, and they used all the original music, but the acting and the dialogue was terrible (after a scene where they encounter Pyramidhead for the first time, the cop says, “You know, they say this town is haunted.” and the lead’s witty reply is, “They were right” ). Also aside from one or two scenes, it wasn’t really scary, which is a shame.

One movie though that I highly recommend is the Japanese House. We watched it at our Halloween party, and wow. This movie is weird and screwed up even for Japan. A GREAT movie to watch with your friends MST-style, or by yourself if you’re tripping on something. It does not disappoint.

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