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Halloween 2010!

Star Wars vintage travel posters!

Imperial: The only way to fly

I’m going to make an effort to use my blog for more things, but the trouble is that I never know what to use it for. But I’ll think of something! *puts on thinking hat*


New stuff in the store!

Because it was last announced on a Tuesday, I wanna give the new stuff a good Monday spotlight:

Dave got the new stuff up in the store! Here're
the new items:

Making her delightfully crazy debut in the MR store, I finally present to you the Harley print! Lineart by the deliciously talented Carla Wyzgala, colors by me. Definitely check out her blog and her website to view her awesome art (her watercolors are AMAZING) and send some commissioney love her way =D

Continuing with the slightly crazy theme, I present to you: The new Lourdes shirt! Yay!! This is the newest shirt, making its debut at the New York Comic Con! Super proud of how this one came out ^^

Though this one has been available at conventions since July, its finally available online! Show all your friends how you are the most ultimate force in the universe!

Also, if you ever wanted The Grey Warden T-shirt, it’s now on clearance so it’s only $10! That’s a steal! Get ‘em while we got ‘em!



Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Halloween! We had ours a lil' early with a party on Friday, so unfortunately my Halloween day had me holed up working on a term paper. BUT, Friday was super awesome, so it's all good!

Now then, in regards to the comic, from the left:

Lourdes as Carrie from Carrie
Gothgirl as Trash (zombie version) from Return of the Living Dead A SUPER awesome zombie flick that's the √Ę‚¨Ňbased on real events" √Ę‚¨Ňsequel" to Night of the Living Dead. Seriously though, definitely check this one out. The zombies freakin' RULE in this movie.
Ninja as Jason from Friday the 13th (though technically the 2nd one as he's not the main dude in the first one"¶.) because you gotta have a classic.
Toasty as Ash from Army of Darkness Another must watch, but start with Evil Dead 1+2, wonderful horror movies. Shout out to the livestreamers for the suggestion"I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY ;x
Lilly as Generic Blonde Heroine from"¶.any slasher/horror movie in the 80s (but patterned after Laurie from Halloween, another classic).
And Aeiryn as Frankenfurter (Tim Curry version) from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (though when I was researching I was surprised to see that Tim actually appeared to have waxed his chest for the movie. However, I left the joke in there cuz I thought it'd be funnier if they made her tape brillo pads to her chest anyway for √Ę‚¨Ňauthenticity" (though how she lets them get away with these things is beyond me"¶..))

So there you go! A delightfully horror-ible Halloween comic! See what I did there?? Hahaha, I crack myself up.

It's also Novemember! At the end of the month I hit the big two four! C-c-c-c-raaaaazy. Soon I can rent a car! But not this year, alas. No new achievements to unlock for me this level =(

Livestream! This sunday! Be there! Check here, The MR facebook Group, my deviantART page, or my twitter page for when it's up and live (or just go to the channel itself and camp out until it's up). I usually start around 11am CST and go til about 5-6 pm, so any time feel free to pop in/out at your leisure bro. They're really cool to do because you guys can ask me questions, watch the process, or just make fun of the silly things that come out of my mouth. It's awesome.

And hey, how come √Ę‚¨ňleisure' doesn't follow the √Ę‚¨ŇI before E" rule? English is SILLY.

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