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Livestream is GO!

Livestream is on, right now! Come watch me color tomorrow's comic! ^^

EDIT: Stream’s over! Thanks for playin! ^^


Livestreaming news

As a reminder, I will probably be livestreaming tomorrow after my midterm (hopefully). Since sunday’s Halloween, probably will have to skip that one, but Thursday’s probably a go.

Check here (the site) tomorrow at around 7-8 pm CST, or subscribe to the RSS feed (above this newspost), subscribe to the actual livestream channel, follow me on twitter, watch me on deviantART, or ‘like’ the Mystic Revolution facebook page. All of these are updated with links to the feed once the stream goes live, and the link stays up until I stop streaming. Since I’m at this for several hours, don’t worry about catching it when it starts, because yeah, you can really just pop in at any time.

But what is livestreaming (because it occurs to me that I never explained what it really is)? It’s this cool thing that streams my desktop while I’m coloring the comic; but what’s really awesome is that you guys have a chatroom and can ask me questions or make fun of me or whatever while I’m drawing. And I’m always happy to answer questions, or talk about how awesome Bioware is (a href="http://dragonage.bioware.com/da2/home/">did you see the new dragon age 2 trailer???) or whatever you guys wanna talk about (usually it seems to involve cheese and beards). Anyway, it’s super awesome, and usually I do it sunday mornings/afternoons (again, central time), so if you’re available it’s worth checking out.

Speaking of the Mystic Rev Facebook page, we’re only like, 40 people away from 500 people, so if you haven’t already, please hit the “suggest to friends” button below the Lourdes banner there (or just ‘like’ it yourself if you haven’t already–it’s awesome because you guys get to comment on each page, and I like seeing what you have to say ^^ ).

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