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New stuff in the store! (finally!)

First off, because I forgot to say last week, last Wednesday I sent out the last of the book 3 pre-orders. Pre-orders were anyone who ordered book 3 from when it went up to the beginning of July, and it was delayed because I insisted on signing and doodling in every one (especially you lovely international people). Soooo, basically, those of you stateside probably should’ve gotten them this week, UK’ers should be getting them now or in the next couple days, and though I don’t think that I had anyone farther away than Europe in this batch, tack on another few days depending on where you are in relation to the middle of the US (where I live). I only got one return (whose address was updated and resent out) so if you haven’t gotten your book and you did pre-order in that January-July group, please let me know.

Neeeext, Dave got the new stuff up in the store! Here’re
the new items:

Making her delightfully crazy debut in the MR store, I finally present to you the Harley print! Lineart by the deliciously talented Carla Wyzgala, colors by me. Definitely check out her blog and her website to view her awesome art (her watercolors are AMAZING) and send some commissioney love her way =D

Continuing with the slightly crazy theme, I present to you: The new Lourdes shirt! Yay!! This is the newest shirt, making its debut at the New York Comic Con! Super proud of how this one came out ^^

Though this one has been available at conventions since July, its finally available online! Show all your friends how you are the most ultimate force in the universe!


Help with an MR game

Hey guys!

TheMiniStephan is working on an MR-inspired game, but he needs help making it into an .exe file. I think the language needed was ‘Python’ (don’t quote me >< ) so if anyone out there in MR-land wants to lend a hand or offer advice, you can AIM him at TheMiniStephan or email him at mythrelmff@yahoo.com.

Also, if anyone else out there wants to make MR inspired games (or MR inspired anything ), I’m all for it! Send me an email with the finished product so I can post it to the site ^^

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