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Your regularly scheduled stream is now beginning!

EDIT: Stream over! Thanks for all who attended. Next one is most likely next sunday morningish (think around 10 am-noonish CST) depending on when I get up, though there may be another surprise stream on Thursday morning/evening depending on how early I get up or how tired I feel after class. I get back home around 7:30 pm CST to give you an idea, so if it happened a stream would probably be around 8 pmish. In any event, best way to find out if there’s a stream is to check the site, follow my twitter, ‘like’ the MR facebook group or watch me on deviantART. I should also point out that the stream is still going on until I put out a message that it’s not, so feel free to pop in at any time ^^



So since the actual new site is still a ways off (such is the way of things when you can’t afford to pay a web designer >< ), I decided to at least update the title image so it's a bit more with the current style. This is also the banner I'm using at conventions, too ^^

Also, the archives page is now up-to-date, so enjoy it because soon it will be out of date as this chapter’s almost over XD

For those looking to join the Forums, make sure you make a post in the validation thread so we can verify that you’re a human and you can happily join the community. Also, if anyone talented in CSS wants to design an MR-themed template for the forum, that’d be super sweet =D

There will also be another livestream session on sunday morning when I get up, so be sure to either check the site here, my deviantart page, my twitter page, or the MR Facebook Group to see the linkage once it goes live.

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