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That's my bit!


Con comic to be late. Must finish this midterm paper first. Many numbers to crunch =(



Blerg, had to finish a midterm paper before going to NYCC, so alas, no comic today. BUT, if you’re hankering for some MR goodness, you can check out a lil’ doodly do I did for VG Cats. So at least there’s SOMETHING to get you through the weekend =)

In the mean time, you can come yell at me at E17 in the artist's alley which I guess is in a separate room somewhere. Where I have no idea, but hopefully it'll all work out.



Yay! Ok guys, I’ll be in the Artist’s Alley, booth E-17. You can see that exactly in this handy map:

So yeah, that pink colored one is E-17. Its awesome. I’ll have all 3 books, I =should= have the new shirts (one of which being the Ninja Jedi shirt, which while its been around the conventions is not online yet and the other being the brand new, UNREVEALED SHIRT (unless you went to the livestream)). I should also have some copies of the Reading with Pictures anthology, if you wanna pick up a copy and check out the Pandora story I did. I’ll also be taking commissions at the con! Also, thanks to all who offered help, I should be ok with the guy I got, but thanks a lot to everyone who offered!!! ^^ Will also be accepting donations of pie and other assorted baked goods =X

So yeah, I’ll be there at NYCC all weekend. Super excited. Sadly though, no ustream this sunday (as I’ll be there) but plan on it for the next week. I should also mention that I tend to start the streams when I get up (at this point around 10-11amish CST) if you wanna plan when it starts. But I tend to leave the stream link on the site (and deviantart and facebook and twitter) until I stop streaming, so as long as you peek the site at some point sundays you shouldn’t have a problem findin’ the stream =)

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