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News and a request

So first off, thanks for all who attended the stream! I'm thinking of making it a regular thing, so if you wanna see how I make comics tune in to my livestream channel on sunday afternoons (or just check the site sunday ^^ ).

Nexxxt, TheMiniStephen made MR a TV Tropes page. So internet, check it out, and get to filling it in ^^

Finally, New York Comic Con is coming up in 2 weeks, and I have a request. I really need someone to help me out at the table. Please don't email me unless you were like, planning to go anyway or live in the area (as I'd feel super bad because I can't afford to cover anyone's hotel) but I can give my helper an exhibitor badge (which is nice because then you can walk the floor before the con starts and buy things or chat w/ your favorite artists without having to worry about a line/crowds). Basically, helping me mostly involves just sitting at the table for most of the day (though if there's a panel you wanna go to or some stuff you wanna grab, that's cool, as long as you let me know ^^ ). But yeah, it's not difficult"responsibilities would mostly be handing me shirts, watching the table if I need to run to the bathroom, and running to grab lunch. So yeah, if you're interested, please email me at savagesparrow@gmail.com. But only if you can actually do it. Thanks guys!! ^^

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