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Sorry, kid

Bigger panel

Soooo, in case you wanted to see what the last panel of Monday’s page looks like without the vision-fading effect, you can peep the original over here. Fun with messing with things in photoshop!

Also, my computer as it is is very slowly dying–we suspect either processor, ram, or mb issues. So since I need an upgrade anyway, we opted to just replace all the parts rather than narrow it down specifically. Alas though, installing a new motherboard is well beyond my scope of understanding, but luckily my buddy’s coming down this weekend to hook everything up for me. Once equipped with the newer, faster, upgraded Felicia (its name), I was thinking of livestreaming coloring the comic, like some other people do. Not really sure how well I’d be able to respond to people in the chat (as I only have the one monitor, but maybe I could bring my laptop in here or something), but hey, you can see the incredibly inefficient way that I work and make fun of me behind my back–always fun XD

Finally, I saw Piranha 3D this past weekend, and was genuinely surprised by how thoroughly entertained I was. The beauty of this movie is that it recognizes how ridiculous the premise is, and then goes out of its way to make it as insanely over-the-top as it possibly can. Warning though: Its really modeled on the old school exploitation horror movies, so there’s lots of nudity, gore, and very, very, very dark humor. BUT, there are some great quality kills in there, its really funny, and makes a pretty good use of the 3D technology. So yeah, if there’s one movie you see this summer, see Inception. But if you’ve already seen that, then see Piranha 3D XD

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