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Let's get serious


Wow, so I haven't posted a blog in a while. My bad.

The last 2 panels of today's comic represent something I normally cut out of final drafts of the script"silly filler text that stays there until I can think of something that's actually somewhat clever. But for whatever reason, I found those responses stupidly funny, so I left them there. And it's my comic, so"yeah!

Moving on, if you pre-ordered book 3 (or if you were at Akon, Book 1 too) at a convention, you should have gotten your books to me by now. Note: this is only for those who pre-ordered from me directly, at a convention, whereby I wrote your name on a list, you should've totally gotten them by now, so if you haven't, you need to email me! For those who ordered from Shark Robot, I just got the special orders (with the extra sketch card commission thing) sent to me yesterday, and Dave promised he'd get me the rest of them sent to me today, so hopefully I'll be able to ship all those out this weekend. Hopefully.

In any event, I've spent the past while attempting to get a buffer on the comics so that when I start grad school I'm hoping the comic won't suffer too much. Its kinda weird because my college was really more of an art trade school (which was awesome!) but this school, though still kind of an art school, is definitely more of a normal college in terms of structure and stuff (I felt really dumb because I didn't really understand that you could choose how many credit hours you can take"our school you got to pick like, maybe one class, but once you picked your major your courses were pretty much chosen for you), so I really don't know what to expect in terms of the work load and stuff. So I've been planning for the worse! Which only serves to benefit you guys, haha.

I also saw the Scott Pilgrim movie, and while I thought the comics were cool for what they were, I really feel that the movie is something really wonderful. This is going to sound sappy and lame and terrible, but I really feel like it was a movie that was made just for me. Like, yeah it's outrageous and insane and stuff, but the video game stuff, the life stuff"I know these people, I've lived some of those moments, and I get all (well, most of) the stuff referenced in the movie! It was awesome! The movie itself was really one big homage to video games and anime and general nerdiness, so if you're into any of that stuff"and let's face it, if you're reading my comic you probably are"definitely check it out as it will make you very happy.

One question I get a lot at cons is âWhat inspired/inspires you as an artist/for Mystic Rev' and luckily some awesome cat on deviantART made an awesome way to show people, via the influence map meme. So here's mine for your viewing pleasure, I tried to keep stuff from like earliest influences to current influences. Because I should say that CLAMP stuff doesn't really influence my work all that much anymore, but it did a LOT when I was first drawing stuff. But yeah, the meme's kinda awesome because it gives you a window into your favorite artists' madeness influences.

Finally, New York I will be back in your base, touchin' your stuffs for the New York Comic Con/Anime Fest in October. I managed to weasel my way into the artist' alley, and while I was dumb and forgot to submit a picture for the image/bio view, trust me, I'll be there! So that's something to look forward to for those of you in New York that were wondering when I'd ever be back. I for one am happily looking forward to sampling more of NYC's delicious restaurants. New York has some awesome, awesome food. You lucky bastards. Though you guys don't have deep dish pizza nor Portillo's, so I guess you're not all that lucky.

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