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A warrior stands

Always go for the epic

So, originally in the script, Toasty’s move was going to be a series of combo attacks in rapid succession, and Ali would be forced back into the shield move in order to keep up. But as I went to draw the actual layout for the page, I couldn’t really illustrate that in a way that looked cool or interesting–it kinda just looked like he was moving fast or worse, summoned a bunch of shadow clones or whatever. So then I thought it’d be cool if he just summoned a bunch of warrior spirits to land some crazy awesome attack, and, well, there you go. When faced with a decision, always go for the more epic choice.

…The only downside of that choice is that I had to draw 9 million valkyries, so I spent most of the day sunday drawing it, and then alllll day today inking the thing. I’m thinking I’ll post colors on Friday, just because that’s probably going to also be a two-day project *Sigh* But hey, maybe it’ll give me a chance to get ahead?

….nah, gotta send out book 3 orders. Why must time go by so quickly?? x.x

Also, one of our big bookshelves collapsed today, too, so I spent a good chunk trying to fix what I could, but all the books had to be taken off that thing, which was well over 100 books (because if there’s like, 30+volumes of Bleach, Berserk, Eyeshield 21 and Hunter x Hunter, not to mention the other random things were on there–this shelf had series double stacked because we couldn’t fit everything otherwise =\\ ). So we’re doing more cleaning of the books stored in our pantry as well (we have a LOT of comics) so ya’ll might see some of our series go up on Ebay since we just don’t have room =\\


Comic to be late

Soooo, last minute change in the script has me drawing 9 million people for this page, so it’s going to be going up a lil’ later today. Sorry guys ;_;

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